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Space Edition

Industry: Toys & Games
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism

According to Chris Hadfield, a renowned retired astronaut; for decades, psychologists have always encouraged little games and hobbies to maintain good mental health while in space. One of those habits is playing Scrabble. They recognize it as fundamental for peace of mind. However, due to the zero gravity, astronauts had to use Velcro on the board to keep the tiles from floating away.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Even though Velcro seemed like a good idea, Scrabble believes these heroes deserve better. That’s why, for Scrabble 70th Anniversary we created the Space Edition, an exclusive edition of the game specially crafted to be played in zero gravity. Made up of a metallic board with meteorite dust and magnetized tiles.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The Space Edition was exhibited in London, Berlin and Paris for thousands of people in an event celebrating our 70th Anniversary. The board attracted the attention of the media and weeks later, we sent them to space stations like NASA, European Space Astronomy Centre, ISRO, Roscomos and the United States Air Force, for their upcoming missions.

List the results (20% of vote)

We built only 20 limited edition-boards and we got 43 million impressions and 5 million euros in earned media. Important media like ELLE, Stylist, TAXI, Time Out, among others, talked about our campaign.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Shortlist Design
Special Editions & Bespoke Items
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