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The DisCO2unt Billboard

The DisCO2unt Billboard | Renault | Publicis
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Industry: Automotive & Services
Media:Ambient & Interactive
Style: Minimalism
Why is this work relevant for Media?

The DisCO2unt Billboard turned one of the largest digital displays in Europe into the biggest air-quality sensitive advertisement. The display was connected to several sensors placed in key areas around the city, that relayed real-time pollution information. An algorithm translated the data into discounts: as pollution in the city went up, the price of the Renault ZOE went down. So, right at the moment when the city needed a zero-emission car the most, the flagship electric car of Renault became more affordable. So a huge billboard displayed for the first time real-time dynamic content, responsive to air quality.


Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is the most congested city in Europe (according to TomTom Traffic Index) and one of the most polluted cities on the continent. The situation is so serious that the European Commission started infringement procedures against Romania, on behalf of European citizens’ right to breathe clean air. Atmospheric pollution reaches as high as 10 times above recommended levels, causing severe health issues for the population. The main causes are heavy traffic and the large number of old vehicles that are still on the road. Electric car with zero emissions, like the Renault ZOE, could make a real difference in the air quality of the city, but most Romanians still consider them to be unaffordable. Renault needed to fix this problem, bringing their flagship electric car within reach of regular Romanian drivers, while also having a positive contribution to life in the city.

Describe the creative idea/insights (30% of vote)

Renault launched The DisCO2unt Billboard, the first promotion that uses real-time pollution data to generate live discounts for the Renault ZOE, the flagship electric vehicle of the car-maker. As air pollution in the city went up, the price went down. This way, the zero-emission car became affordable right when the city needed it the most.

One of the biggest digital displays in Europe, in congested downtown Bucharest, was connected to air quality sensors in high-traffic areas. As real-time data came in from around the city, a custom-made algorithm converted pollution data into dynamic content: the price was updated every 6 minutes on the billboard, creating an air-quality responsive outdoor ad.

People only had to connect to the billboard on the spot, claim the price and head to a dealership to take advantage of the Renault ZOE discount.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

While the issue of air pollution in Bucharest is significant and appears on prime-time news, ordinary Romanians have few options to improve the air quality of their city. The zero-emission Renault ZOE could make a real difference, but many drivers in Romania don’t consider electric cars to be affordable. So, we decided to link pollution (the pressing issue) and price (the barrier), in a campaign that's more than just a discount promotion for a car.

First, we needed to make pollution quantifiable. We collected air quality data from around the city, and then linked it with the price. An algorithm processed the real-time pollution data and converted it instantly into the variable discount that appeared live on the digital display. We targeted drivers and pedestrians in the congested and polluted downtown Bucharest, where our message would have the maximum impact and relevance.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The DisCO2unt Billboard was implemented on the second largest digital display in Europe: Cocor MediaChannel, in downtown Bucharest, Romania. The huge billboard was connected with sensors that measured real-time air pollution in the city and, with the help of an algorithm, data was translated into discounts for the Renault ZOE. The campaign was launched on the 16th of April.

For maximum visibility and impact, we repurposed the huge digital display. It displayed dynamic content for the first time, responsive to the real-time air quality in the city. People could see the price change from one moment to the next, and could also observe the live pollution level, that determined the price change.

To take advantage of the discount, people only had to connect to the billboard with their smartphone. They could claim the current price (the one displayed at that time) and use it a Renault dealership.

List the results (30% of vote)

The DisCO2unt Billboard had a huge reach in downtown Bucharest, on one of the busiest boulevards, with a traffic of 3 million cars/month according to police authorities. Over the course of the campaign, discounts have constantly been generated thanks to variations in pollution data. Since the promotion is still ongoing, sales numbers are unavailable, but we proved to Romanians that Renault ZOE was closer and more affordable, right in the moments when it can make a difference for the city’s air quality. This way, in a country where new technologies can seem far-fetched and not relatable, Renault also positioned itself as the practical and affordable future of mobility.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Shortlist Media
Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Shortlist Media
Use of Real-time Data
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