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Paytm Sweet Change

Industry: Internet sites & Services
Media:Direct Market
Style: Minimalism

Shopkeepers in Delhi NCR were incentivized to stock and handover 'Paytm Sweet Change' candies to customers instead of change or other candies. All major grocery stores and vendors across Delhi NCR stocked 'Paytm Sweet Change' candies for the entire month this activity was carried out.

We targeted customers who were paying in cash for their day to day transactions but could graduate to Paytm if given a reason. And 'Paytm Sweet Change' candy became one. To redeem the candy's real worth the customer had to download the Paytm app. We were confident once they used Paytm, they will discover its ease and advantage over cash.

People in India prefer cash over digital payments. So much so that 96% of all transactions happen in cash. Paytm, an Indian e wallet brand, wanted to make people experience the ease and advantages of digital payment. But to make that happen, we needed people to experience how easy is it to transact via Paytm. So the objective was to make them download the Paytm app.

We made 1 million people discover the ease and advantages of Paytm. Cost of acquiring a new user came down from Rs 60 to Rs 12. 36% downloaders during the month long activity remained active users.The activity saw an increase in conversations on social media and thus reached people even outside of Delhi. This ensured a positive rub off on brand Paytm even in cities where this activity didn't even take place. Seeing the success of this activity in Delhi NCR, 'Paytm Sweet Change' candy is all set to be launched in other parts of India too. So more and more people can experience something that's sweeter than hard cash- 'Paytm Sweet Change'.

Shopkeepers handing over candies to customers citing lack of change is a very common sight in India. This insight gave birth to our creative idea. To tackle this problem of forced candies, we launched another candy- 'Paytm Sweet Change'. Like normal candies shopkeepers handed over 'Paytm Sweet Change' candy as change, but unlike the usual candies, which meant customers lost out on money, our candies could be redeemed for their real worth. By downloading the Paytm app and entering the code at the back of the candy wrapper in the app.

India is a cash economy, that's why there's always a problem of change. So shopkeepers have come up with another currency, candy. These candies are forced on customers citing lack of change. Obviously this leaves the customers unhappy as they end up losing money each time they transact. Paytm, an India e wallet brand, decided to tackle the problem of candies by launching another candy- 'Paytm Sweet Change'. But unlike other candies, customers could redeem this for its actual worth. And that's how we turned India's second currency into a powerful medium to encourage people to pay digitally.
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: McCANN WORLDGROUP INDIA, Mumbai, India
Executive Chairman & Regional ED AP, Prasoon Joshi, McCann World Group
National Creative Director, Prateek Bhardwaj, McCann Worldgroup
Associate Art Director, Arpan Kalita, McCann Worldgroup
Creative Resource, Gaurav Sharma, McCann Worldgroup, India
Creative Head, New Delhi, Kapil Batra, McCann Worldwide, India
Creative Head (A/V), Jeet Kalra, McCann Worldgroup
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2018
Gold Creative eCommerce
Customer Acquisition
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2018
Silver Creative eCommerce
Sectors > Consumer Services
D&AD 2018
Graphite Pencil Media
Use of Retail
The One Show 2018
Merit Direct Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze Media
Financial Products & Services
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