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Industry: Retail & Distribution
Style: Minimalism
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: McCANN WORLDGROUP PHILIPPINES, Taguig City, The Philippines
Media Agency: UM, Manila, THE PHILIPPINES
Additional Company: FULLY BOOKED, Taguig, THE PHILIPPINES
Managing Director, Ramon Garcia, McCann Worldgroup Philippines
Business Director, Bambi Reyes, McCann Worldgroup Philippines
Production Group Director, Noemi Zamora, McCann Worldgroup Philippines
Media Director, Aissa Suanes, UM Philippines
Sound Engineer, Philip Jarilla, Hit Productions Inc.
Sound Engineer, Richard Genabe, Hit Productions Inc.
Sound Design Arrangement, Arnold Buena, Hit Productions Inc.

(MUSIC all throughout)WOMAN:At 40, I was still a virgin, but nobody believed me.At 72, I was voted best ass. My best friend hated me for it. At 116, I was being stalked. Photos were taken. People were talking.At 185, I had become the official school slut. Guys were making moves on me, left and right.At 230, I was raped.So at 260, I kill myself.And at 274, I make sure they know why.V/O:With a book, you’re not just turning a page. You’re living a whole other life.Jay Asher’s “Thirteen Reasons Why” and other Young Adult Fiction.Available at the Fully Booked bookstores and

Fully booked is one of the largest and most famous bookstore chains in the Philippines. They wanted to encourage people to keep reading and promote their comprehensive selection of titles as well. This radio spot reminds readers that when they read a book, they’re not just turning a page—they’re living a whole other life through the characters in the story. At the end of each spot, the title of the book is revealed, and listeners are invited to check out other reads by visiting Fully Booked or
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