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The Humanium Metal Initiative

The Humanium Metal Initiative | IM Swedish Development Partner | Åkestam Holst
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Industry: Public interest & Non-profit
Media:Direct Market
Style: Minimalism

There are hundreds of millions illegal firearms in the world. As a result, someone is shot every minute. Armed violence is a global epidemic that hits developing countries especially hard. The global cost of insecurity generated by armed violence is estimated at $400 billion annually, and it could decrease the GDP growth of an average economy by at least two per cent per year. IM is a Swedish development organisation with over 50 years of experience from regions where illegal firearms stands in the way of aid, development and progress. To make sure more firearms are sized and destroyed, as well as mobilizing the necessary resources to help victims of armed violence, new approaches are needed.

The Humanium Metal initiative is based on maintaining a close transparent involvement and cooperation with public authorities and local organisations. The metal comes from seized firearms, controlled by relevant public authorities and cleared for destruction by local legal representatives. As of March 2017, production has been initiated in Guatemala and El Salvador in cooperation with local governments and authorities. Negotiations are underway in additional Latin American countries. Technical specification of metal can be provided for each single batch of melted firearms, in accordance with the documentation handed out by the industrial melting plant. The estimated yearly out is 50 metric ton of Humanium Metal.

Humanium is a new metal made of destructed illegal firearms and available for commercial production. Creating a demand for Humanium Metal is equal to creating a demand for peace.The Humanium Initiative is world’s first supply chain distributing metal from destructed firearms. It is sanctioned and implemented in full cooperation with governments and local authorities. Brands, designer and artists are able to create products that carry the symbolic power of peace and the same time mobilize much needed resources to help victims of armed violence. Consumers who purchase Humanium Metal products, will be part of the solution to one of the world’s greatest problems.

An innovative approach was needed to break through political obstacles and red tape. Humanium has established a sustainable infrastructure that meet the production and investment demands of commercial partners. The first established supply chain of metal made from destructed illegal firearms aimed at promoting weapon destruction programs in affected regions and financial support to victims of armed violence. The Humanium Metal Initiative contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals promoting human security: • Mobilizing resources to reinvest in social enterprises in countries afflicted by high levels of armed violence.• Promoting financial sustainability and creating job opportunities for victims of armed violence.• Changing attitudes in local and global communities. Humanium increase the socio-economic and political security for people living in areas affected by high levels of violence. It is also inspires consumers, businesses and authorities to join hands to find a solution to one of the world's greatest problems.

There are hundreds of millions of illicit firearms in the world. As a result, someone is shot and killed every minute. To make sure more guns are destroyed, as well as financing the necessary support to the victims of gun-related violence, new direct approaches are needed.Humanium is the world’s first supply chain made out of destructed firearms. Anything made out of any metal today can carry a message of peace tomorrow.Brands, designer and artists are able to create products that carry the symbolic power of peace and at the same time generate much needed resources to help victims.

Endorsement has been received by Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Hans Blix and other world leaders. The first weapons destruction program dedicated to Humanium was held in November 2016 in El Salvador, in close cooperation with the El Salvadorian authorities. The Humanium Initiative will be producing in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia during 2017. Negotiations are underway in additional Latin American countries. The estimated yearly output is 50 metric ton of Humanium metal. Leading Swedish brands have entered a partnership in a commitment to using Humanium Metal in their future production. A full international rollout is expected in May 2017. Humanium Metal is a registered trademark and is produced under the control of relevant public authorities. All Humanium Metal production is guided by principles as formulated by the World Fair Trade Organisation.
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Other credit:Client Director: Anders Ullstrand, Jacob Odqvist
Developer: Alex Picha, Alexander Svensson
Cristoffer Overgaard: Kalle Peterz, Peter Norbeck
CTO: Daniel Skantze
PR: Digge Zetterberg, Ida Persson
Creative: Johan Ohrn, Karl Sundin, Kenna Magnusson, Marten Magnusson
Non-Governmental Organisation: IM Swedish Development Partner
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Direct
Corporate Social Responsibility
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Direct
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