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Françoise 9

Who's Turn Is This?
Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Media:TV & Cinema
Published:Jun. 23, 2002
Style: Minimalism
A man, Bruno is speaking to his ex-wife through the TV. His Francoise has gone with his best friend. He seeks at all costs to make her come back. He's telling us that he has just won at the Loto. He uses a great part of his profits to pull his wife's leg nicely, preparing an iterative device over a week to prove his love to her.


For the campaign opening, a media stunt was set up with the following objectives :
- meaning very strongly that something is happening around the Loto via a non conventional speech,
- creating a ground of favorable attention for the "Whose turn is it? " campaign,
- fighting against the " We never win at the Loto " syndrome.


Several commercials (9 as a whole) have been aired on France 2. Each one, except the first one, is broadcast only once.
This is about closing up as much as possible to the reality of a `media plan' imagined by our hero, in a traditional way. In the same way, the directing and the manner of playing corroborate this original speech. Shootings, approximate framings, amateur image, hesitations, incongruous formats, sudden sound cuts, without any packshot, rare branding are as many elements which "sound true".

In parallel to this device, a system of rumour via Internet was set up with an intrusion in the chats of undetectable server centers which send to some links allowing to download movies (with some delay in order to close up again to a real situation).
This is an inovative strategy in France. We wish to surprize and entertain, placing back the winner in the Loto problematics
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Other credit:Concept André Bouchard, Jean-denis Pallain
Account Director Vincent Leorat, Florent Kervot
Agency Producer Agathe Michaux-Terrier
Advertising Manager Jean-Marc Buresi, Joëlle Pineau, Patricia Delon
Mondial de la Pub des Pays Francophones 2003
Tied Winner
Humor expression
Mondial de la Pub des Pays Francophones 2003
TV Cinema
Effie France 2003
Other Services
Meribel Ad Festival - Central Europe Cristal Awards 2002
Advertiser's Cristal
Prix Club des Directeurs Artistiques 2002
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