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Speed Donating

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Style: Minimalism
Brief Prove to HCPs that Teva Transplant is still a relevant partner supporting them and the therapy area in spite of their ageing, generic immunosuppressive portfolio and no new data or products. Situation There have been no major developments in immunosuppressant therapy in almost 20 years. When competing against competitors who have a heritage of providing the game-changing treatments in the therapy area how could we elevate our brand equity to surpass our competition? Objectives Increase brand equity of Teva Transplant to their key HCPs Prove that Teva cares beyond their medications Grow the market by increasing the donor pool Drive engagement with Teva Transplant at congress and through sales force Provide content for a novel conversation for the sales force- one they could be proud to tell
We needed to be different for Teva to stand out in the transplant market and be a company that HCPs could see real value in. We took on their challenge of needing more donors with the approach that HCPs are also people and that humour, and emotive messaging would affect them in the same way as everyone else. We identified that there we 3 main barriers to people signing up: • Nobody wants to think about their own death • With modern lives full of distraction and demand there is always time to sign up later but later will often become never • ‘It will never happen to me’ – people don’t think organ transplantation will ever be part of their lives We need to create a campaign which would push through fatigue to get people signing up so that we could prove to our HCPs we had taken their challenge seriously and that we were more than just talk.
In transplant medicine life or death truly lies in the hands of doctors and donors. However pharma were positioning themselves in the same way as always, with a clinical approach, fixated on data and lacking humanity. Speed Donating impacted our HCPs because we engaged with them and asked them their needs. For the first time, someone had involved them. It spoke to them as humans not just as professionals, using humour and gamification at a congress where this was unheard of. Finally, it addressed their current need, when others were fixated on futuristic solutions that may never come to fruition.
We launched our campaign and microsite at European Congress to 4000 world-leading transplant HCPs and 98% engaged with us Reached over 148,000 HCPs and a staggering 96 million potential donors. People were signing up and saving lives. Up to 107,800 of them. A whole new conversation and respect for our salesforce. We have changed the way that HCPs see pharma in the therapy area have challenged our competitors to do more. ‘You are really making a difference.’ Transplant Surgeon, Germany. ‘These campaigns are what we need.’ Head of German Organ Transplantation Foundation, Germany. ‘This is something I can really use for my discussions with my customers.’ Kai, Sales manager Germany. ‘I’m so proud. This has got everyone talking. Not just about Teva or the campaign, but also to us and to each other’ Paul Harmon, Head of onocology care and transplant Europe
We launched the Speed Donating campaign at congress to 4000 of Europe’s leading transplant HCPs. This included showcasing the film on multiple large scale screens, a touch screen game, driving HCPs to the microsite through collateral, and featuring several compelling transplant patient stories - including Justin’s full story. Following launch, the film was promoted to segmented HCPs through profiling and geo-location around key transplant hospitals. The microsite also covers 10 real patient stories, showcasing every way that transplant can touch someone’s life. To date the campaign has been seen by over 148,000 HCPs and over 96 million potential donors.
To meet our objectives we needed an idea that was widely relatable and showed our sense of urgency. Speed Donating, uses the familiar social construct of speed dating to explain what it truly means to desperately seek a match. Juxtaposing the awkward and comedic attempt of speed dating actors to find their perfect match with the very real need of Justin, a patient whose life genuinely depends on finding his.
European regulations state no direct link to products or medical treatments in unbranded communications. We worked in line with all European regulatory bodies and the clients in-house legal and compliance teams.

Healthcare professionals- we wanted to prove our commitment to our customers and the therapy area of transplant. We asked HCPs what the biggest challenge they faced in transplant medicine was: the unanimous response was ‘above anything, we need more donors’. Speed Donating was born.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2018
Shortlist Pharma
Healthcare Professional Engagement > Non-Regulated
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