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Grave of Thrones

Industry: Professional & Public services
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism
Cultural/Context information for the jury

Game of Thrones is one of the world’s most popular television shows. Its final season (season eight) premiered on April 14th, 2019. During the seven seasons so far, there have been more than 150,000 deaths. The show has become famous for how deadly it is, and for how mercilessly it kills off main characters. The world in which Game of Thrones takes place is called ‘Westeros’.

Tell the jury about the art direction.

Over six weeks, we took the concept from idea to execution. The idea required intense research to bring to life the detailed aesthetic of the show. We decided to create two family mausoleum’s and an enormous head statue as focal points in the 2,000 square metre cemetery that were supported by over 30 additional highly-detailed graves. The location was chosen in a popular Sydney park that could be easily accessed by the public but also be transformed into the world of Westeros.

A team of over 50 people hand-crafted each grave in foam and wood. These sculptures were hard coated, sand blasted, weatherproofed and painted to recreate our original concept sketches in 3D. We built unique ironwork to surround many of the graves, grew our own moss, planted flowers, and added layers of paint and texture to create the illusion that the cemetery and its contents was a real place.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Gold Industry Craft
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