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Everybody Loves Boobs

Industry: Public interest & Non-profit
Style: Minimalism
Executive Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Other credit:President: Irene Marcet
General Accounts' Director: Emanuel Abeijon
Executive Producer: Adrian D'Amario
DAVID VP ECD: Ignacio Ferioli
Head of Production: Brenda Morrison Fell
DAVID VP ECD: Joaquín Cubría
PORTA Estudio: Cluster
Account Handler: Emanuel Abeijon, Lucila Castellani, Brenda Ranieri

With a social media investment of less than US$800, the campaign organically became a success. Mainstream media including Daily Mail Online, The Sun, Daily Mirror, HuffPost, LeFigaro, Unilad, and Buzzfeed covered it expanding the video's reach to a much wider audience far beyond Argentina. Results included coverage in every continent and reaching 9.8 million views over the first week. Media and influencers across Latin America, USA, UK, Spain, India, France, and Australia, among others, covered the news generating earned media worth US$12 million, obtaining 158 million media impressions. The song was spontaneously translated to 19 Languages. There were 4.5 million interactions and over 220% followers on the NGO's social media.

Even though most cases take place in women over 40 years of age, younger women are affected every year which is why self-examination is recommended ever since sexual development.Looking for the best way to make MACMA a place on the platforms they’re interested in, we focused on the boundaries that define the rule.Bearing in mind that people love to protest and "raise flags" on social media, we used this behavior to push our idea. That's why we gave boobs a voice and used censorship in social media as a starter to spread our message of awareness through a high-impact visual idea.

The campaign is based on a music video that features different women’s breasts that have mouths instead of nipples. Together, they sing a catchy song underscoring the importance of early breast cancer detection. The content was initially published on MACMA’s YouTube and Facebook channels. Local celebrities supported the campaign to extend the scope of the message organically.In a second stage- once the message had freely reached people, we developed a PR plan to start a global debate highlighting the need to clearly communicate the importance of early breast cancer detection to get people’s attention on the number one cause of death by cancer in adult women, this time with a more straight-forward strategy targeting censorship.

Our whole work lives are on social media. In fact, our campaign’s starter is a social media issue: the female nipple ban. This is the second consecutive year our campaigns have been able to dodge social media censorship and get our message of awareness across to men and women all over the globe.Our 2017 campaign had a huge impact worldwide and was amplified through social networks, overcoming taboos such as showing breasts on media outlets and therefore allowing us to educate people on the importance of early breast cancer detection.It’s paramount that each stakeholder, especially mass media and social networks commit to spreading the word on the importance of early breast cancer detection as clearly as they possibly can.

Argentina has the second-highest breast cancer mortality rate in all Latin America. Nevertheless, social media keeps banning female nipples, even when it comes to breast cancer awareness campaigns. These media channels are critical to promoting early detection, which is key to reducing breast cancer altogether. That’s why MACMA (Breast Cancer Help Movement) gave boobs a louder voice by launching “Everybody Loves Boobs”, a music video raising breast cancer awareness on social media platforms. The video features a choir of singing boobs with mouths instead of nipples to avoid the female nipple ban. The goal was to remind people to take care of that part of the body everybody loves, while at the same time making a statement against censorship rules on social media platforms.
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Cyber
Social Purpose
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