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Lite Originals

Industry: Alcoholic drinks
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism

Miller Lite is the original light beer and recently released its original white can. Younger drinkers (21yrs+) took notice so we visually condensed the reissued packaging into the Minimalist Can icon. It became the core of the new visual ID. This new Minimalist Can icon is bold, medium neutral, and constantly evolving. It allows us to say more with less words.

Brand relevance: We are an original and now we looked like one. The new Vis ID allowed us to retain our history and stay relevant with today’s beer drinkers.Choice of campaign elements: The visual ID was launched through the line: online, TV, OOH, social, at point of sale, on-premise, at festivals and at stadiums.Target audience: Younger male drinkers (21-27 years old, both general market and Hispanic) who have not been considering Miller Lite.

Situation: Miller Lite was becoming out of touch with younger drinkers. Most people had forgotten they invented light beer. Plus, it looked like a brand for people 45+ years old, even though the liquid was exactly what younger drinkers wanted.Brief: Create an identity so bold it could not be mistaken, yet malleable enough that it could be kept fresh enough to be noticed by todays cord-cutting, YouTubing, Snapchatting, bar hopping, C-store shopping, brand promiscuous, beer drinkers.Objective: Be an original again. Modernize the brand without losing the timeless core. Once again be relevant to younger 21+ year old drinkers.Project Scale and Volume: National visual identity across all consumer touch points: TV, Online, OOH, Print, Social, On-Premise, Retail and Live Events

The Miller Lite brand has reversed years of negative momentum and is growing again. Since the launch of the new visual identity in early 2016, Miller Lite has been on a streak of back-to-back quarterly share growth against Bud Light, a longtime nemesis and market leader. Support is up with distributors and cultural partners, who have completely embraced this new approach. More importantly, they've seen similar improved penetration with young drinkers and specifically Latino drinkers.

Design elements and their integration: Minimalist Can is the core of the visual identity and has been constantly morphed and updated into the interests and passions of our drinkers. Design touch points: online, TV, OOH, print, social, at point of sale, on-premise, at festivals and at stadiums.Materials, style elements, design choices: Our goal was to create an identity so bold it could not be mistaken, yet malleable enough that it could be kept fresh enough to be noticed in todays always on mediascape. All design choices were made for maximum impact, customizability and use across media and channels.Design development and process: Scale: US National
Chief Creative Officer:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Other credit:Entrant Company: JUNIPER PARK\TBWA, Toronto, Canada
Senior Marketing Director, Greg Butler, MillerCoors
Marketing Director, Sheryl Rosa, MillerCoors
Marketing Director, Cris Rivera, MillerCoors
The One Show 2018
Gold Pencil Design
Promotional / Posters - Series
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze Design
Rebrand / Refresh of an existing brand: Consumer
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