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The Puck

Industry: Beauty & Health
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism
Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Health & Wellness communications in your country/region including:


Health & Wellness work must demonstrate how it meets the criteria 'life-changing creativity'. Why is your work relevant for Health & Wellness?

Currently, 415-million people are living with diabetes worldwide, and by the year 2040, 642-million will be affected. The Puck is a physical device that can detect early signs of diabetes and alert men to get screened before it is too late - helping slow down this international epidemic.


In Brazil, diabetes is an epidemic. With over 13 000 000 Brazilians living with diabetes and pre-diabetes, it has one of the highest diabetes rates in the world and shows little sign of slowing down. However, if diabetes is detected at an early stage, it can be prevented, helping to avoid lifelong complications such as blindness, amputation and death. Understanding prevention is key, The Diabetes Association of ABC needed a product that would encourage Brazilians to visit their doctors and to be screened for diabetes. Knowing that the majority of men forgo regular doctor checkups unless they are aware something is wrong, we needed to show them that they were at-risk of diabetes – allowing them to take action before it’s too late.

Describe the creative idea (40%)

The Puck is a non-invasive glucose detection tool that determines if a man may be diabetic or pre-diabetic. Although the technology within The Puck is complex, the idea behind it is simple. Once a man urinates on the device, it will accurately measure the amount of glucose in the urine. Depending on the result, The Puck will turn one of two colours: green if glucose levels are within the threshold and red if glucose levels are high. If red, the user will be directed to visit his doctor. With this simple, real-time, effective messaging, men who are most at-risk will have an opportunity to get ahead of diabetes before it is too late. Thus, avoiding lifelong complications including blindness, amputation, and death.

Describe the final product (40% of vote)

Polarimetry is the key to The Puck. This technology uses linearly polarized light to determine the change of optical rotation angle within a substance to calculate the concentration of glucose in urine. Inside The Puck, a polarizer propagates this light into one plane and sends it through a sample of urine that contains glucose. Glucose, like all sugars, is an optically active substance, meaning when light passes through the sample, the plane rotates. Using a mechanical construct (analyzer) that rotates a photocell behind a second polarizing filter, The Puck can measure the rotation angle of this plane and compare it to a reference rotation angle. For glucose, the reference rotation angle is +52.70°, which means that 1g of glucose dissolved in 100ml of liquid in a 10cm long container, rotates the light by 0.527°. Knowing this, we can precisely correlate the measured rotation angle with the concentration of the glucose within any sample.

The Puck can determine glucose concentration more accurately than the one-time-use urine test strips currently sold over the counter. By applying a modern approach to century-old technology, we’ve increased the accuracy while making it smaller, cheaper and more accessible to all.

List the results (20%)

Diabetes is a silent killer. Of the more than 113 000 deaths caused by diabetes in Brazil each year, half of the deceased were unaware of their diabetic condition. That’s why it’s critical that diabetes is detected at an early stage, so preventative measures can be taken. The Puck has been installed in four urinals throughout Brazil and Canada during its prototype stage. Previously men would only become aware of the problem once symptoms became significant and they were forced to see their doctor. The Puck is able to non-invasively detect signs of diabetes at its earliest stages and help ease the strain long-term complications can have on the healthcare system. Once internationally launched, The Puck will give a real-time diagnosis of diabetes to millions of potentially diabetic men.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Shortlist Health & Wellness
Non-profit / Foundation-led Education & Awareness
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Shortlist Innovation
Early Stage Technology
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