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Industry: Media & Publishing
Style: Minimalism
Results and Effectiveness
To reach this very demanding audience required a real standout idea, that truly reflected the nature of the business and product. The combination of smart modern technology with retro cool technology achieved this beautifully and struck a real chord with creative directors. No downloading. No fuzz. Just analogue fun with a digital device.

71% of the 900 Turntable QR codes were activated. That’s 64% more than the average response. We also got a lot of great feedback – from some of the industry’s most important people.
42% followed the link to the Kontor Online Store.

Creative Execution
But, as cool as vinyl might be, few creative directors own a turntable anymore. So, we – literally – put a spin on things. Together with the vinyl disc, we mailed them a ‘turntable’ – made from the envelope, and a QR code to play it.

Our audience just had to flip the envelope and then put the disc on the ‘turntable’. They could then activate the QR code with their phone, place it over the record and listen to the new track. Plus, they could also play other tracks, or contact Kontor via the connect icon.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea
Kontor, the world’s biggest dance-music label, wanted to promote the new Boris Dlugosch release to the advertising industry. But they were targeting the world’s most un-impressible audience: agency creative directors. These guys either pass promo CDs onto their secretaries or, more often, just bin them.

We had to find a way to get through to all of them so that they would actually listen to the new Kontor release. Just like every good DJ knows – there’s a unique way to get your audience really tuned in – real vinyl. So that was what we would send the creative directors. No CD, MP3 or USB – just good-old fashioned RPM.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Manager:
Other credit:Technical Director: Jens Steffen
Creative Assistant: Daniel Siegel
Creative Assistant: Esra Bueyuekdoganay
Head of Project Management: Hanna Von Schultz
Awards Coordinator: Toma Soare
Audio Video Support: Matthias Rewig
D&AD 2014
In-Book Mobile Marketing
Mobile Interaction & Experience
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2013
Gold Design
Promotional Item Design
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2013
Gold Media
Best Use of Audio
London International Advertising Awards 2013
Silver Non-traditional
Direct Marketing
London International Advertising Awards 2013
Bronze Non-traditional
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