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Postable Fukushima Local Paper

Postable Fukushima Local Paper | Fukushima-Minpo Co. | Dentsu
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Industry: Media & Publishing
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism
Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Because this campaign was realized through a structure in which we used a community based local newspaper to directly inspire Fukushima citizens to send letters to those living outside the prefecture.


Seven years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. In Fukushima, 33,404 people who were evacuated are still unable to return to their hometowns. (According to the Reconstruction Agency's survey in August, 2018:
"Evacuation population of Japan") Many have also moved away from Fukushima for other reasons. With this in mind, local newspaper company “Fukushima Minpo News”, took up the challenge to create a bond between the local paper and the community, and cause a stir in the declining local newspaper industry.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

By utilizing their value as a local newspaper company who has intimate knowledge of Fukushima, Fukushima Minpo News issued a “Postable Fukushima Minpo News” so that people could send and share hometown information with those who live outside Fukushima. Subscribers could send the newspaper, filled with the latest local information on Fukushima, as a letter. It delivered an experience where people living outside Fukushima could be taken back through the local paper - an item they would not normally have access to.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

The involvement of an official organization - the Fukushima Prefectural government - in addition to the local newspaper company meant the campaign gained a highler level of interest and participation from citizins, with a message from the governer of the Fukushima included in the paper. In addition to this, an original paper was handed out free of charge in cities in order to extend the experience beyond subscribers to the newspaper.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

An original newspaper that could be posted as a letter was issued and distributed on the Fukushima Citizen's Day. Subscribers could write a message, fold, and post it to have the local newspaper delivered to those living outside Fukushima.

List the results (30% of vote)

· More than 250,000 newspapers were delivered to people in Fukushima, with many sent on to those living outside the prefecture.
· The newspaper campaign spread to digital channels through social media.
· Newspaper distrbution events were also held, resulting in the paper spreading throughout Japan.
· Fukushima Minpo News received many comments of gratitude from subscribers, who said the paper was a great way to connet people from Fukushima throughout Japan.
·The paper enabled Fukushima citizens living outside the prefecture for school, work, or other post-quake reasons, to feel as if they had visited the prefecture.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Bronze Direct
Media / Entertainment
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