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Doggy Vacay Israel

Doggy Vacay Israel | Vibe | Gefen Team
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Industry: Miscellaneous
Style: Minimalism
Just in Time for National Dog Day:
Doggy Influencers - You’re invited to A Dream Vacation with Your Human

This Saturday is National Dog Day, and what could be better than a fun-filled vacation in Israel with your BFF – your dog?! Vibe Israel is proud to announce the launching of Doggy Vacay, a dog +1 social media contest to win a dream vacation in Israel! Dogs from the USA, including doggy influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers online, are invited with their owners to win a dream vacation in Israel that includes everything the country has to offer pooches and humans! Did you know Tel Aviv has the most dogs per-capita in the world?
Vibe Israel, a nonprofit organization leading initiatives to strengthen Israel's brand in the world, is launching this new campaign to raise awareness for Israel among Millennials and get them to discover Israel through a topic they care about: their love for dogs! The unique, first-of-its-kind digital campaign speaks directly to the dogs and is offering them a chance to do right by their "human" who always takes such good care of them, by inviting him/her to go to Israel with them on a dream vacation that will be documented and shared online. The idea, art direction and execution for the campaign were done by Tel Aviv-based creative & innovation agency - Gefen Team.
During the trip the dogs will get to enjoy everything a dog could dream of – a fun nature walk in the hills of Jerusalem, chilling out on the Mediterranean beach playing matkot, eating gourmet food, enjoying a rejuvenating spa experience, discovering Israeli startups in the pet industry and Israelis who are doing amazing things for man's best friend, and meeting new and local friends. The dog's humans won't suffer either and will enjoy an incredible experience in Israel, with their best friend by their side.
The Doggy Vacay campaign launched today (August 24) and will run until mid September, during which anyone can apply to win the Dog +1 ticket to Israel by filling out the form at The 4-night, 5-day amazing trip to Israel will take place in October, during which the canine and human group will discover Israel's creative energy first-hand!
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