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Turning Old Containers Into Multi-Purpose Billboards

Turning Old Containers Into Multi-Purpose Billboards | Lucozade | Right Here
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Industry: Public interest & Non-profit
Published:Jan., 2018
Style: Minimalism
The Objective: Lucozade BOOST was fairly new in the Kenyan market and our client wanted to increase its visibility while strengthening their distribution network. This, presented to the agency as two separate problems, ended up being a unique opportunity to try something new.
The Strategy: Rather than go the traditional marketing way, we decided to find new ways to ensure that we reach people where they are – in high-density areas - and make the brand present for them to try. Even further we wanted to find ways to integrate our communication into the community. Towards creating functional, sustainable advertising that lives within the community rather than just speaks to it.

The Creative Idea: The solution lay in old shipping containers. By turning them on their ‘head’ we created a four-sided multipurpose unit. It was… A billboard - A kiosk - A storage unit - A distribution collection point. Essentially this was a four in one multipurpose unit.

Results: We increased the brand’s visibility and availability in high density market areas. More people were talking and interacting with the brand and, as a result, more stores around the area stocked Lucozade BOOST. Sales of Lucozade BOOST grew by 76% when compared to the previous year. In addition, we created new business for over 20 people and supported a wider network of approximately 50 traders.
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