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Good Sex Deserves A Good Wrap

Good Sex Deserves A Good Wrap | Durex | The Creative Circus
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Good Sex Deserves A Good Wrap
Industry: Beauty & Health
Published:Apr., 2019
Style: Minimalism
59% of people that contracts STIs are in the 16-24 year-old age group. Condoms could help being so good at their job, but how can young people be persuaded to make carrying them a habit when they are a pain to carry around, they’re indescribably uncool (24%), it’s cringe-worthy to think about buying them (30%), and completely humiliating to be caught carrying one around (17%)?

Easy, we’re going to put condoms in places they won’t leave home without, picking condoms up along something they always carry with them, their cellphone! 98% of them own smartphones and 31% feels uncomfortable if they are without their phones for 30 minutes or less. Plus, we are going to solve the STIs testing in the privacy and comfort of their own home issue, so they can do it themselves! In doing so, we’re going to finally make a better, smarter, cooler case for condoms. Because Good Sex Deserves a Good Wrap.
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