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Original is Never Finished

Industry: Apparel, Clothing & Footwear
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism

So many people believe that to create something “original,” it can’t have been done before.So for the brand that constantly reinvents its past to create its future, we took the most overdone track of all time, Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” and did it again. The result is an original anthem that seeks to free creators from the conventional definition of “original” — a reminder that doing it “their way” makes it their own.The spot rocked music’s biggest night, the Grammy’s. And then, its philosophy was echoed by three more music videos, remixed by Snoop Dogg, MadeinTYO, and Desiigner.

ReachThe campaign reached 149 countries across the globe, and is continuing to expand worldwide.EngagementOn Grammy’s night, adidas Originals was the most talked-about brand on social media. +19 million views in the first two months, over +24 million views to date.ImpactThe most talked about brand during Grammys weekend. 47+ million views on YouTube and Twitter. 385,440 hours of airplay on the anthem alone. +45% global sales growth for adidas lifestyle.

To free creators from the conventional definition of “original” which had long inhibited them, our campaign became an ode to what came before. We started with the world’s most overdone track, Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” — and then pushed it so far, it became our own. Created in partnership with a new generation of musicians and influencers, the result is a powerful message, one that always returns to our philosophy: “I did it my way.”The reimagined track inspires our visual language, a reinvention of iconic moments in art, pop-culture, and our collective memory. From Botticelli’s Birth of Venus to Snoop Dogg’s iconic Doggystyle album cover— nothing was sacred. Then the idea was pushed even further on Grammys night, as music icons Snoop Dogg, MadeinTYO, and Desiigner launched their own remixes and music videos.

Implementation“Original Is Never Finished” was a multi-channel effort, each execution, carefully plotted around consumer behavior and culturally relevant moments of the year.TimelineKicking off the season, the film was launched in January. Social media takeover commenced featuring content from the film. In February, the brand spot made its first broadcast debut during the Grammy’s. At the same time, three music videos hit the web, remixed by Snoop Dogg, MadeinTYO, and Desiigner. Each track pushed until it was new again. On social, BTS scenes hit Instagram and Facebook Live.CH 2 of the brand film launched around Women’s Month, carrying forward the “Never Finished” motif. The scenesand vocals feature an all-female cast. The campaign then begun appearing in cinema.PlacementBroadcast, online, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, cinema — all across 149 countries.ScaleThe campaign is currently dominating in 149 countries — a number that is continuing to grow.

As the brand that takes from its past to create the future of sports-inspired streetwear (and that has “Original” in itsvery name), we knew we had license to do what no other brand could: take from the past. Reinterpret it for the now. And in doing so, prove that “original” doesn’t come from a vacuum, but a microcosm of influences and inspirations. In essence, to prove that “original is never finished,” we would have to create a wholly original campaign — that didn’t try to be original.

SituationIn 2017, adidas Originals was riding a tidal wave of success, led by its Strikethrough campaign, which was begun in 2015. Each time the Strikethrough was employed, it tore down a barrier to creative freedom — first with the “need” for external validation with Superstar, then with 2016’s railing against the media’s dystopian view of the Future.This year, however, the tensions in the world were so much more internal: in our hyper-connected world, where we’re all exposed to the same things (and so much of it), how could anyone ever be original?As the brand that takes from its past to create its future, adidas Originals was poised to answer this in a way only it could.BriefFree creators from the shackles of the accepted definition of “original.”ObjectivesContinue the tremendously successful Strikethrough campaign. Continue adidas Originals’ meteoric rise in the category.Build awareness of the upcoming EQT franchise.
Chief Creative Officer:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: JOHANNES LEONARDO, New York, USA
Head of Integrated Production, Dana May, Johannes Leonardo
Head of Print, Maria Perez, Johannes Leonardo
Production Coordinator, Alexandra Olivo, Johannes Leonardo
Head of Strategy, Mark Aronson, Johannes Leonardo
Strategist, Miné Cakmak, Johannes Leonardo
Senior Business Affairs Manager, Ann Marie Turbitt, Johannes Leonardo
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2018
Bronze Creative Effectiveness
Multi-country Creative Effectiveness
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Grand Prix Entertainment for Music
Production of Exclusive Artist Content in Partnership with a Brand
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze Entertainment
Talent: Integrated
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Cyber
Influencer / Talent
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Entertainment for Music
Use of Adapted Music
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