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The Fin

Industry: Beauty & Health
Media:Promotion & Event
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism

Northwell Health is one of the largest hospital systems in the world, with 61,000 employees, 550 clinician centers and 21 hospitals.They have a commitment to raising the standard of health care through innovation.•As of 2016, no prosthetic allowed for a seamless transition from land to water. •In the past, amputees had to remove or change their prosthetic to enter the water. Many avoid it altogether due to this situation.•6% of injured veterans return from war missing a limb.•There are 2 million amputees in the United States.•As a health hospital, Northwell has a very limited media budget.

The creative idea came in two successive phases: •1) Instead of talking about Northwell Health’s incredible veteran services and innovative philosophy, we demonstrated it by creating an innovation in real time. After months of development, the Fin was born as a PR/media story disguised as an amphibious prosthetic. •2) The second part, and equally important, was to use this innovation to launch a customizable media story for outlets to use and target to specific audiences through earned media.

While the ask was to create an ad campaign, the agency noticed an unmet need in prosthetics and proposed creating a first-of-its-kind amphibious prosthetic. The idea of the prosthetic was to design an innovative promotional item, followed by a media kit that allowed the story to be customized and reach many audiences. •Promote real-life, real-time innovation in action to demonstrate the incredible capabilities of Northwell Health’s Military and Veteran Liaison Services. •Promote Northwell’s different medical expertise, such as 3D printing and Veterans Services. •Promote the innovative design through the journey of a retired Marine returning to the water. •Consider the communities Northwell wants to reach: veterans, their families, and amputees.

The Fin not only transformed how the public sees Northwell Health and its innovative services, it will change the lives of countless amputees.•Video segments by broadcast TV stations and online by major news networks (CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, etc).•$4.9 million in earned media placements.•548% growth in social media mentions.•248 million impressions.•A mini-documentary that was recut by media outlets like The Today Show.•A two-page story on the cover of the science section of The New York Times.•Followed by a Facebook live event viewed by 164 thousand.•“It felt like I had my leg back.” - Dan Lasko, recipient of The Fin.•Commended by veteran organizations like The Department of Veterans Affairs, The Wounded Warriors, Sesame Street for Military Families and The Purple Heart Foundation.•Since launch, a new group of amputees have reached out and begun the process of receiving The Fin.

We launched the story of The Fin exclusively with a PR campaign. •Starting with an exclusive Facebook live event by the New York Times where they could see The Fin in action (see results on what that led to). •This was followed a few weeks later with a larger PR event inviting a number of media outlets to see and meet Dan and the team behind The Fin.•It wasn’t for another few weeks after that the Fin’s story was promoted with any paid media.•PR was the plan and the reason The Fin was as successful as it was.

A first-of-its-kind amphibious prosthetic that allows veterans to enter and exit the water without changing prosthetics. By serving their needs, The Fin raises awareness around their challenges. The Fin is a PR story disguised as an amphibious prosthetic. •The campaign launched with an exclusive front-page story in the New York Times. •This was followed by a 25-minute Facebook live event that was viewed by 164 thousand. •A press conference demonstrating how The Fin changed the life of a veteran amputee.•A short film and online hub allowed interested parties to control which pieces of the story they consumed.•A short film doubled as a media kit, amplifying The Fin’s narrative. •Weeks later, paid placements targeted veterans, their families, sports enthusiasts in the New York area, across social media, web banners, email and with out-of-home.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: J. WALTER THOMPSON NEW YORK, USA
Media Agency: METAVISION MEDIA, New York, USA
Production Associate, Justin Snow, J. Walter Thompson New York
Head of Digital Production, Jennifer Usdan McBride, J. Walter Thompson New York
Director of Music & Radio, Paul Greco, J. Walter Thompson New York
Head of Content Production, Anthony Nelson, J. Walter Thompson New York
Strategist, Marina Pen, J. Walter Thompson New York
Agency Producer, Tom Mishra, J. Walter Thompson New York
Business Director, John Danbeck, J. Walter Thompson New York
Development Partner, Dan Lasko, USMC Ret.
Project Manager, Christine Fiorentino, J. Walter Thompson New York
Director of Technology, Kamran Aslam, J. Walter Thompson New York
Digital Producer, Angela O'Neill, J. Walter Thompson New York
Associate Director of Technology, Juan Turcios, J. Walter Thompson New York
Digital Designer, David Cocciante, J. Walter Thompson New York
3D Bioprinting Researcher/Engineer, Dr. Todd Goldstein, Ph.D., Northwell Health
Strategist, Marta LaRock, J. Walter Thompson New York
Strategist, Chan Ruanglek, J. Walter Thompson New York
Chief Marketing Officer/Client, Ramon Soto, Northwell Health
VP, Integrated Marketing/Client, Don Simon, Northwell Health
Advertising Manager/Client, Katie Irizarry, Northwell Health
Certified Prosthetist, Matt Flynn, Eschen Prosthetics
Senior Director, Advertising/Client, Jennifer Nelson, Northwell Health
SVP and Chief Public Relations/Client, Terry Lynam, Northwell Health
Client, Barbara Osborn, Northwell Health
Director, Military and Veteran Liaison Services/Client, Juan Serrano, Northwell Health
CPO, President, Andrew Meyers, Eschen Prosthetics
Director of Operations, Alex Meyers, Eschen Prosthetics
Director of Prosthetics, Glenn Hutnick, Eschen Prosthetics
Associate Director of Communications, Claire Charruau, J. Walter Thompson New York
Underwater DP, Ahad Mahmood, Ahad Mahmood
Music and Audio Post Mix, Duotone Audio Group
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