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Dill - The restaurant.

Industry: Retail & Distribution
Media:Ambient & Interactive
Style: Minimalism
Results and Effectiveness:
When we revealed that Lidl was behind the restaurant foodies choked on their gourmet grub and all media exploded. National newspapers, blogs, even national television talked about this. Dill became twitter subject of the day twice. Consideration tripled from 10% before the campaign to 33% after. Media reach was 24 million after 2 weeks, in a country with 9 million people. The following 4 months was the most profitable since Lidl's establishment in Sweden 10 years ago. 2013 ended the first profitable year for Lidl in Sweden ever.

Creative Execution:
The location of the restaurant was carefully chosen in an area with many fine dining and trendy restaurants. We built the restaurant from scratch in an empty basement area. The design was spartan, just like the Lidl stores, i.e the champagne was stored in wooden pallets direct from the stores. A simple chair was designed for the guests - The pop-up chair. It's now being sold in designer shops in Stockholm. There were clues about the origin everywhere - from the name being an anagram to the menu cards that easily could spell out Lidl.

Dill was open for 3 weeks. It was fully booked from first day to last and served more than 1000 guests a nine course tasting menu and a direct experience with a Guide Michelin chef's version of the products from Lidl.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea:
Lidl is a discount supermarket chain all over Europe. For years Lidl tried to convince Swedish people about the quality in their products. But no one believed them. Low price and quality just don't go together in Sweden which quite a few low price food chains have experienced.

We built and opened a pop up restaurant in Stockholm. The British two starred Guide Michelin Chef Michael Wignall and his team was in charged of the cooking. The restaurant, named DILL (an anagram of
LIDL), was an immediate success. Celebrities and foodies crowded it.

What nobody knew was that ALL food that was used in the restaurant was bought at the discount food store Lidl, down to the smallest grain of salt.

By hiding the fact that all food used in the restaurant was bought at Lidl we gave the products the possibility to be judged without prejudice.

Brief Explanation
For years Lidl have tried to convince the Swedish market that they can offer high-quality groceries to a relatively low price. The challenge always lied in getting people to understand that a discount supermarket chain actually can offer great products and that price is not all that counts. To prove our point we opened a gourmet restaurant. Head chef 2-star guide Michelin gastronomist Michael Wignall from UK brought his team. The pop-up restaurant was a success and when it was revealed that Lidl was the supplier of all the groceries and also the brand behind the restaurant, the media exploded.It was a hit topic in newspapers, blogs and TV. The marketing objectives were primarily to increase penetration and to reach new target groups making the brand an option for new customers. And in terms of communications objectives we wanted to make Lidl a considerable alternative for more Swedes.We wanted people to talk about Lidl and how amazing food you actually can compose with the groceries that they can supply. We wanted to communicate and strengthen Lidl’s core values, quality, reliability and “smart choice”.We saw a significant increase in brand consideration and we created a debate that addressed the subjects of food and price. Sales increased during the campaign period. The campaign contributed to the best year since they established in Sweden.
Confidential Information
Lidl sales growth during Dill campaign period (Sep 2013-Feb 2014): Index 104 (Sep 2013-Feb 2014 = 100).Lidl annual sales growth 2013: Index 106 (2012 = 100).Category sales growth 2013: Index 104 (2012 = 100).
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Other credit:Digital Art Director: Fredrik Lundberg
Digital Producer: Daniel Rytz
Event Producers: Markus Ahlm/Anna Högkil
Additional company: Scream
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2015
Bronze Creative Effectiveness
Creative Effectiveness
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014
Bronze Media
Use of Special Events and Stunt/Live Advertising
D&AD 2014
Yellow Pencil Branding
Brand Experience & Environments
D&AD 2014
In-Book Outdoor Advertising
FAB Awards (International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards) 2014
FAB Award Experiential
The One Show 2014
Merit Brand Transformation
The One Show 2014
Merit Experiential Advertising
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