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Lendlease Mums for Safety

Lendlease Mums for Safety | Lendlease | Ouston Group
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Industry: Corporate self-promo
Style: Minimalism
Why is this work relevant for PR?

The primary objective of this campaign is to reduce the potential for serious injuries and fatalities across Lendlease’s workplaces. Lendlease measures safety performance through the frequency of these “Critical Incidents” and strives to create a workplace where workers and the public are not exposed to the risk of serious injury. Lendlease has built its reputation on creating the best places which genuinely care about the wellbeing of workers and the community.

Exceptional safety performance is Lendlease’s license to operate and the business must actively promote safety to protect its reputation. In public perception, safety equals quality and reliability.


As one of the world’s leading construction and property companies, Lendlease operates in an extremely high-risk industry. Workplace safety is paramount. Traditional safety campaigns have often been ineffective and failed to engage the target audience, leading to plateauing safety performance.

Historically, the approach was to plaster sites with a multitude of signage and campaigns from various sources. There was a lot of noise and little engagement. The relevant messages were no longer cutting through.

Brief: come up with an original creative idea that harmonises safety communications around one story while influencing behavior in the target audience. Develop a safety proposition and a communications platform that can be executionally rolled out across the global business.

• Reduction of Critical Incidents
• Rally two different audiences around the common goal of creating a safer workplace
• Protect and enhance the business’s reputation by showing a proactive and effective approach to safety

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Mums for Safety. Featuring real life mums of real life Lendlease workers.

Mum is the voice of reason and the one who knows you best. From the moment you were born, she has kept you safe. You might be an adult now, but when she talks you still listen.

Mothers (and mother figures) of Lendlease workers, including the CEO, were recruited to deliver important safety, health and wellbeing messages. By shifting safety messages from the voice of Lendlease to the voices of workers’ mums, it bypasses the corporate filter and goes straight to the hearts of our audience.

The idea was designed to bring an authentic humanity and lighter side to communications. Using real workers and their families, it increases talkability on-site, which increases awareness and encourages preventative behaviour so that everyone gets home safely.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

All Critical Incidents on-site could have been avoided if safety controls had been properly implemented.

People switch off to the corporate voice. Emotion can influence behavioural change

Looking after your safety on-site is our number one priority, to ensure you and your work colleagues get home safely to the people you love.

All Lendlease employees, visitors, and sub-contractors in Australia and subsequently globally.

Real workers and their mums were recruited for a five day film and stills shoot. A four-minute induction film was produced, focusing on the most frequent causes of Critical Incidents.

Other campaign assets were created and delivered to two pilot sites in Sydney and Brisbane, transforming the work environment into an immersive Mums for Safety experience.

Other applied collateral included wall signage, digital screens, graffiti stencils and merchandise, strategically placed at each different point of experience.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

September 2018
Soft launch to management
Casting call to all staff via eDM, intranet posts and in person through team meetings
Global CEO, Steve McCann (and his mother) recruited as participant and advocate

November 2018
The campaign was piloted with a launch event at two worksites in Australia – One Sydney Harbour in New South Wales and Springfield Rise in Queensland. The film was debuted and all participants invited. The campaign was then publicised with intranet content

February 2019
Launched to all employees across all Lendlease workplaces in Australia.
To date it has reached circa 13,000 employees and thousands of contractors

May 2019
The campaign will be launched globally and tailored by region, evolving in the next 12 months with fresh faces and fresh content.

List the results (30% of vote) – must include at least two of the following tiers:

In terms of employee engagement, this has been Lendlease’s most successful campaign ever.

It has been the top trending campaign on Pulse (Lendlease’s global intranet), with the most-ever comments and most-ever likes, showing measurable changes in awareness of safety.

The campaign has won the best Global Customer Engagement Initiative competition (first out of twelve) at the Lendlease Global Executives Forum for 2018, as voted by top 200 Lendlease leaders.

The campaign assets have recorded the number one download rate on the company’s digital asset management system. The posters, merchandise and banners are now seen across Australian operations allowing projects and offices to convey the Mums for Safety message, tailored to their specific needs.

The most important measurable result is the marked reduction in Critical Incidents at our Australian operations since the campaign launched. This campaign has had a huge impact through its unique tone of voice, its reach, messaging, environmental communications and film.

Over the last three years Lendlease Australia’s Critical Incident performance was tracking in line with that of the Lendlease Group as a whole. Since the launch of the campaign in Australia, Lendlease Property has outperformed the Group by a factor of 9, recording a 27% decline in the frequency of Critical Incidents compared to the Group’s decline of 3% in the same period.

This has been attributed to Mums for Safety which was the only significant safety program launched at the time.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Silver PR
Internal Communications & Employee Engagement
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