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Industry: Confectionery & Snacks
Market:United Kingdom
Style: Minimalism
Creative Execution:
The expected name for the new Android OS had been Key Lime Pie, so news of a KITKAT Android partnership hugely impactful.

The name and accompanying icon were launched with just one single Tweet, and one Re-Tweet. Social media did the rest. Within an hour, it became an organically trending topic.

Android iconography appeared on KITKAT packaging and KITKAT iconography appeared on the Android operating system, stimulating additional conversation and creating enriched relationships with consumers across social platforms and underpinning the long-term connection between the KITKAT brand and the Android mobile.

For Android this idea created the most talked about version launch of all time, generating 10 times more traffic to

For KITKAT it cemented its place as a bone fide brand on the Internet. The campaign has had 3.18m Youtube views; over 1,935m online mentions and a staggering 4.96bn Twitter impressions. This resulted in millions of organic visitors to, plus a 1150% increased Youtube following and a 301% increased Twitter following. Ultimately, the campaign created enriched consumer relationships and increased market share in 19 countries.

And all this without Google or Nestlé paying each other a single cent.

Break taking has changed.
People rarely stop and do nothing. Breaks have become less deliberate and less recognised. Sometimes they are fluid and filled with activity, sometimes they involve small moments of distraction.
More often than not, people turn to their smartphone to fill these mini-moments of downtime. 
So how does a brand that for 78 years has owned the break stay relevant and remain iconic with an increasingly online audience? Similarly, how does Google find a new and innovative way to extend the media space in which to promote their new Android operating system?

Naming the K-release of the Android OS ‘KITKAT’ and entering into a partnership with Google provided the perfect opportunity to brand the break moment online and create an unexpected connection between a confectionery brand and the latest smartphone.
Executive Creative Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Other credit:Creative: Barry Christie
Business Director: Antony Hill, Sonali Fenner
Senior Digital Designer: James Keane
Head Of Technology: Matt Payne
Developer: Tobias Fieldhouse
Project Manager: Joseph Bassary
Global Business Director: Stephanos Klimathianos
Global Planning Director: Orlando Hooper/Greenhill
Android Global Partnerships: John Lagerling
Director Of Devices/Content And Retail Marketing Marketing Emea: Yasmina Brihi
Sr. Director Global Marketing/Android/Content/Devices: Marc Vanlerberghe
Android Marketing/Emea: Cass Forsyth
Business Development/Android: Tim Carter
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014
Silver PR
Use of digital Platforms
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014
Bronze Mobile
Integrated Mobile Campaign
FAB Awards (International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards) 2014
FAB Award Best Use of Media
Confectionery & Snacks
The Kinsale Shark Awards 2014
Bronze Media
Innovative media strategy and use
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