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My Pathis My Path

Industry: Automotive & Services
Media:TV & Cinema
Style: Minimalism
Life maximisers have a unique path to follow, like lines of a fingerprints. This road belongs to them only, each one is different from the other.

For the new Nissan Altima commercial director, Matthias Zentner unravels the digital narrative of the individual path explored in an unconventional way, started by a fingerprint.
Virtual, mundane and scenic urban landscape, opens up in front of us in a translucent glow of the light beams.
The journey morphs into white, abstract, unknown and mysterious expansion of the city blending surroundings until they lose their features, creating difficult circumstances to navigate around and to distinct obstacles. Yet, using Nissan’s Intelligent mobility (NIM) smart capabilities, Altima swiftly surfs the looming-white CGI city, which builds up in arabesque patterns illustrating Middle East’s rapid growth, development and current transformations.

Nissan Altima becomes the singular smart car experience learning to adjust and mastering any path our life is about to navigate us to.
We accomplished to merge the analogue and digital world to an impressive experience with an elaborated workflow of 3D previsuals including programmed lighting set up on the movie set, as well as in the digital studio.
Creative Director:
Production Company:
Director of Photography:
Post Production:
Other credit:Executive Producer: Rita El Hachem
VFX Supervisor: Chris Weingart
Concept Art & DMP: Lara Frank
Previsualisation: Korbinian Vogel, Martin Sulzer
Color Grading: Bianca Rudolph, ARRI
Matchmove: Christoph Gaudl, Sebastian Wernicke
Technical Director: Martin Sulzer, Jörg Fassbender
Lead Motion Design: Markus Feder, Thomas Wernbacher
3D car rigging: Martin Sulzer, Florian Böck,
3D car light setting: Stefan von Borbely
3D people: Florian Böck
3D City animation: Jörg Fassbender, Dina Saleem, Andreas Gaschka, Florian Böck, Alexander Matthäi, Markus Feder, Thomas Wernbacher
2D Animation Motiongraphics: Aitor Benavent, Thomas Wernbacher
3D Fingerprint, Packshot: Celluloid
Lead Flame Artist: Chris Weingart
Flame Artist: Andreas Rathmacher
Rotoscoping: Trace VFX
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