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Industry: Automotive & Services
Media:TV & Cinema
Market:South Africa
Style: Minimalism

Prior to the shoot, the public were informed about the challenge set by Volkswagen for Kwesta and Ross through Volkswagen's website. It was also communicated through Volkswagen's and Kwesta's social media accounts. We also teamed up with a popular Johannesburg radio station, Yfm, to help us promote the campaign, and gave them exclusive rights to air the track for the first time.On the day of the shoot, Kwesta and Ross did a Facebook Live feed, which gave viewers an opportunity to get a closer look at the car's features, as well as the artist's challenge at hand. During the Live feed, Kwesta asked his fans to send in their lyrics to help him create the track.

We challenged two of South Africa's top music talents, hip-hop artist, Kwesta Dakar, and music producer, Ross Dabone, to score an original track. Using the car. In one night. Live.We turned downtown Johannesburg into the world’s biggest set of virtual instruments, and placed a geotag on each sound.We then fitted the Polo Beats with tech, which enabled them to discover each sound through GPS.When the car approached a sound, it automatically downloaded onto Ross’ laptop where he could engineer it, either through his Launchpad or through the movement of the car.While Ross built the track, Kwesta was able to freestyle the lyrics, pulling inspiration from the streets. Further inspiration came from his fans through a Facebook Live feed. A platform that offered a constant stream of lyrical ideas in real time. Their experience was filmed and turned into a music video.

Although the Volkswagen Polo is one of South Africa's most loved cars, the current perception is that it's not really one of the most technologically advanced. Coupled with that, The Polo customer is getting older, with the 18-29 age bracket dropping by 8%, and the 40-49 age bracket increasing by 7%.The Polo and BeatsAudio partnership will not only help position Volkswagen as an innovative technological car brand within the category, it will also attract a younger audience through the global brand strength of BeatsAudio.Our primary aim was not sales driven, it is was to build equity and igniting brand desire.Our secondary aim was to get young, urban black male music enthusiasts to engage in a digital activation that combined awareness and experienceof the new Polo Beats offering.

The world’s most loved premium audio brandis now in one of South Africa’s most loved car brands. Our objective was to let people know about the sound collaboration between Volkswagen and BeatsAudio, and highlight the exceptional sound quality that’s in the new Polo Beats.Innovation is at the heart of both brands, and our idea needed to live up to that notion.

Total ROI for campaign = over 10-1 return on investment.Over 1.17 million video views were generated on Facebook and YouTube. The song reached over 4.47 million listeners across various national radio stations.The Live feed video recorded a total of 167 000 views, while recording an engagement rate of 14.2%, 468% above the industry benchmark of 2.5%.The average cost per view was recorded at R0.74 ($0.06)Cost per click on Facebook was recorded at R1.74 ($0.13). 78% less than the industry benchmark/target of R8 ($0.60). This is almost 10 times better than the average CPC benchmark.

How do you showcase the exceptional sound in a car in a way that has never been done before?By getting one of South Africa's top hip-hop artists, a man who has an accumulative social media following of close to 2 million people; and a music producer to score a track in one.A track made in real-time on the streets of Johannesburg, using virtual sounds and the car itself, in one night. Live.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: OGILVY & MATHER CAPE TOWN, South Africa
Additional Company: KWESTA DAKAR, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
Agency Producer, Dominique Rollino, Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town
Agency Producer, Robyn De Beer, Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town
Sound Design Arrangement, Ross McDonald, Hey Papa Legend
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Entertainment
Talent: Digital & Social
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