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Stories to Inhale

Stories to Inhale | Clin Kids Children's Hospital | NBS
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Industry: Pharmaceutical
Media:Direct Market
Published:Mar., 2018
Market:Sao Paulo, Brazil
Style: Minimalism
Tantrums were a recurring problem during inhalation therapy at the Clin Kids clinic. Despite the best efforts of doctors, nurses and parents, inhalation therapy is not a fun time for young children, who feel suffocated. Treatments that were supposed to last 12 minutes often took twice as long, just because children would throw tantrums.
Acceptance was outstanding. We traded tantrums for laughter. We were able to change a behavior by turning an obligation into pure fun. Now, children not only sit quietly throughout the treatment, but they also want to do it again to hear the other stories. This allowed us to reduce the wait time for inhalation therapy by 50%, not to mention the peace of mind it brought parents, doctors and nurses, who no longer needed to beg children to finish their treatment.
The Inhalation Stories Kit is made up of a fun character box, a mask, and a pair of headphones. The masks are made of a light, flexible material, so they feel light on children's faces and fit perfectly over the nebulizer masks. Then, an adult just needs to put the nebulizer mask, character mask, and headphones on the child, choose the character's story on, and let the child have fun while undergoing therapy. The stories were created by children's authors with supervision from Clin Kids pediatricians. They last exactly 12 minutes, the same as the therapy. The stories also help in medication delivery, because the characters experience the same respiratory problems as the patients. For example, at a given moment, the fox runs so fast she is out of breath, and the child needs to help her take a deep breath and fill her lungs.
To turn 12 minutes of suffering into pure fun, we created Inhalation Stories. The kit given to the young patients contains a fun-looking mask that fits over the nebulizer mask, transforming the child into a character from a story. Once the mask is on, you access and choose the character's story. During 12 minutes, the average time of an inhalation therapy session, the character suffers from respiratory problems similar to those of the child, such as congestion, shortness of breath and cough. All of the stories were created by children's authors with the supervision of specialists from Clin Kids.
We were under no specific restrictions for this project.

44% of Brazilian children have respiratory problems. The most common treatment? Inhalation therapy. But this was a terrible experience for a child. We needed to create a solution that made this moment less dramatic.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Other credit:RTVC: Andrea Metzker, JP Muniz, Luís Carvalho and Cida Nascimento
Project manager: Teca Vilaça and Mariana Soares Constantino
Storie’s Writer: Noemi Loureiro
Digital production: Luego
Screenplay: Fernando Dumitriu and Thiago Dragoni
Sound producer: Canja Audio Culture
Voices: Marko Aurelio, Karen Giraldi, Raquel Giraldi, Lucas Sfair
Prototype: Romeu & Julieta Estúdio
3D print: 3D Tek
Client’s approval: Dr. Fabio Bedoni
Additional credits: Gabriel Tye, Dirty Work, Carlos Grübber and Hwira Gibin, Lucas Sfair, Filipe Resende, Levi Mynssen, Pedro Osinski, Eduardo Karas, Leonardo Lima, Casa Locomotiva
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2018
Silver Pharma
Patient Engagement > Non-Regulated
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2018
Shortlist Brand Experience & Activation
Sectors > Healthcare
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