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Stamps For Good

Stamps For Good | Rocketseed | M&C Saatchi
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Industry: Internet sites & Services
Media:Design & Branding
Market:South Africa
Style: Minimalism

Each of the 10 stamps were commissioned to different artists and designers, so that each could reflect their individual style and reflect the core of each charity and not the Stamps For Good or Rocketseed brand. Historically, stamps were designed as beautiful works of art representing a person, a place or even an organisation. Our virtual stamps worked in the same way – whether showing the kind of person our organisations aim to help or their purpose. We briefed the artists to reflect the aesthetic and size of real stamps to inspire nostalgia and to keep the stamps small as to embed in emails without ended up in the junk mailbox. Envelope textures were used on the website and the stamped, serated effect on the logo brought these physical elements to the online spaces.

In just 3 months, 10 stamps have been sold and over 750,000 emails sent, based on the average of 32 business emails sent per day (Statistics Report ‘Radicati Group Inc’ (a Technology market research firm), per employee per business.Over a 6 month period we expect that this will more than double, giving real scale and creating more and more opportunities for this initiative to be visible and to create awareness.So far, the stamps have registered 1 bone marrow donor with Sunflower Fund, support and develop 2 families with Habitat For Humanity, offer a child early childhood development with Cotlands, adult education for 2 from Learn to Earn, schooling necessities for two grades with Apple-A-Day foundations, and the care of vulnerable animals with Animal Anti-Cruelty League.PR has been in excess of R1,3 million off budget of ZERO and turning emails into a brand new media space for good.

Ten charities, one easy way to give: digital stamps embedded into emails to help raise awareness and bring in donations.We commissioned artists to bring 10 charities to life in their own unique style, by designing digital stamps. Donors choose a charity that resonates with them and buy their stamp. Their contribution goes to the charity and the stamp is embedded in their company’s emails for everyone to see for a year. By clicking on the stamp, readers are redirected to our site to learn more, donate, or buy a stamp themselves.Turning every email our media space and 7,1 billion people sending emails daily into fundraisers.

RocketSeed is an email service provider know that charities have small advertising budgets, and big problems to deal with. They wanted to use the email platform to do good - both to raise awareness and to bring in funding. Other than budget constraints, we had two challenges: 1.The power of email is lost through sheer volume of mails received.2.So many NGOs send so many messages, potential donors don’t know where to look. So we relooked the email completely. Instead of using them to send generic messaging, we turned them into an advertising space for good to help organizations be heard like never before and give people an way to inspire others. With a budget of R2,500 or $175, we needed to create something that had the potential to reach the masses.

As an email service provider, Rocketseed understand the power of email to reach the masses. They wanted to use them to bring in donations and raise awareness for organisations in need.Research shows that fewer people read emails from outside sources thanks to scammers, spammers and e-tailers, which meant that we couldn’t just sent out normal emails. So we turned mails from colleagues and friends into media spaces to bring in donations and rasie awareness.Initially the project’s only open to companies, because while we work on automatization, their tech support embeds the stamps and their potential reach is higher than individuals.The stamps costs +- $178 – a lot for a charity, but is low enough for a big or small business. Similarly, the cost for individuals will be $17. The charities are chosen from 10 different sectors, making it easy for people to find a cause that resonates with them.
Executive Creative Director:
Art Director:
Other credit:Entrant Company: M&C SAATCHI ABEL, Cape Town, South Africa
Partner: Operations, Bernice Leonard, M&C Saatchi Abel
Creative Group Head, Kayli Levitan, M&C Saatchi Abel
Creative Group Head, Ntobeko Ximba, M&C Saatchi Abel
Digital Producer, Jessica Wagner, M&C Saatchi Abel
Videographer & Editor, Nic Manshon, M&C Saatchi Abel
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Design
Illustration: Digital
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