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Sexy | Nikon | Jung von Matt
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Industry: Electronics & Audio-Visual
Style: Minimalism
In 2009, Nikon set itself an ambitious goal. Improve their positioning in the compact segment of the market in order to attract a wider range of consumers. For Nikon, a brand often associated with professional photography and high performance cameras, this was no small task.
This extremely competitive segment is dominated by brands such as Canon and Sony. However, Nikon were intent on becoming a relevant player, increasing their market share by at least 15% and raising brand awareness.
The starting point was to leverage Nikon’s brand values, tradition, quality, professionalism and innovation nd open the brand up by involving a broad customer basis.

A pan-European trend survey showed that everyone is a photographer with their own audience, that special moments are captured not by just one picture, but by thousands, that photos give meaning and value to technology-based communication and that sharing pictures has increasingly made them a form of self-expression. So Nikon enables everyone to capture, share and express the richness of life.

Nikon wanted people to think: “I could have taken this photo.” So instead of the brand talking about itself, it spoke from the customers’ perspective, through the brand and communication platform:
I AM Nikon.

With a TV campaign focusing on the client and not the product, Nikon exceeded their target and achieved an overall market growth of 25.4%. Their most recent Nikon compact camera, the Coolpix S300 became the most successful camera of 2010.

Brand awareness increased dramatically, with a 100% growth in Russia and 37% in Germany, two of the 12 countries which experienced impressive market growth. Nikon has well and truly established itself in the compact segment.
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