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Not Cool

Not Cool | Allergan | Area 23
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Industry: Pharmaceutical
Style: Minimalism
Because our target audience is always open to news ways to lose fat, the campaign took many shapes and forms—taking advantage of multiple media to stay fresh. We tailored each NOT COOL fat loss method to each type of media—so we could keep catching our consumers off guard. And they all had one element in common: the NOT COOL label, which would quickly lead to the introduction of CoolSculpting. The result is an evolving campaign that works on multiple platforms including video, print, digital and social, and that invites viewers to stop using not-so-cool methods of losing stubborn fat and finally start doing something that’s cool.
CoolSculpting had high awareness among their target, but consumers still saw it as a major commitment. And they were willing to try anything else instead. So, we created a range of bizarre, NOT COOL fat loss techniques to poke fun at the things people try—`to introduce the only method THAT’S COOL: CoolSculpting. The result was an integrated campaign that leveraged different media to introduce each NOT COOL method in its own way, keeping it fresh and surprising for consumers.
We challenged one of the largest and most conservative pharmaceutical companies to let loose and have fun with their target audience. And the joke payed off. From January 26th—when the campaign launched—to April 20th: • Visits to the CoolSculpting website soared to over 500,000 per month, 4 times higher than previous efforts. • The brand got more than 673 million impressions and over US$ 5 Million in earned media. • And sweepstakes entries reached 90,000 nationwide. The NOT COOL campaign proved to be a successful integrated effort to speak to CoolSculpting’s target audience. And, most importantly, that no matter how serious about losing fat customers might be, they’re always up for having a little fun.
We kicked off with a national TV spot presenting “Roasted Core Wrap”: an extreme version of the cellophane wrap. Then we promoted other NOT COOL methods on Print, Outdoor and online: “Personal Sauna”, “Over-The-Chair Rolling Squat”, “Vibrating Belt for Two” and “Swing It Away”. For April Fools’ Day, we took the joke further. We launched yet another crazy fat loss method—The Moose Spa—and promoted it as a legitimate business with its own integrated campaign: national TV spot, social media profiles, promoted posts and 1.1 million e-mail discount coupons, all driving to At the website—which had extensive information on the treatment, its origins and more—we surprised visitors with a message from CoolSculpting, and quickly redirected them to the brand’s website. Finally, we invited consumers to share their #NotCoolConfessions for a chance to win a free CoolSculpting treatment, expanding the campaign with user-generated content.
CoolSculpting is a FDA-approved medical device that freezes fat cells and naturally eliminates them. Previous campaigns were able to create high awareness among our target audience, but not enough conversions. Research showed that consumers still saw CoolSculpting as a major commitment, and they were willing to try almost anything else instead: crazy diets, extreme exercise regimens and fads that don’t work. We wanted to create a new behavior. So, we went after their old one instead. We decided to poke fun at all the alternative, ineffective things people try by taking them to the extreme—and labeling them as NOT COOL. So we could then drive the audience to the only method THAT’S COOL: CoolSculpting. Because our target audience is always open to news ways to lose fat, the campaign took many shapes and forms—taking advantage of multiple media to stay fresh.
According to the US Federal Trade Commission, advertisements must be truthful, cannot be deceptive or unfair, and must be evidence-based. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration advises that disease-related advertisements/communications be disease or health condition-specific, enhance education, be clear and accurate, and contain a responsible public health message.

Men and women aged 30-55 who are physically active and already adopted a healthy life—but struggle to get rid of stubborn body fat. They exercise, maintain a well-balanced diet and are vain with their bodies, but want better results. than what they are currently getting.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2018
Shortlist Pharma
Regulated: Direct to Consumer
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