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Chroma | Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle | Leo Burnett
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Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Style: Minimalism
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Art Buyer:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Director of Photography:
Other credit:Entrant Company: LEO BURNETT FRANCE, Paris, France
Managing Director, Regis Perrone, Leo Burnett France
TV Producer, Martine Joly, Prodigious
Business Affairs, Alice Rolin, Prodigious
Directrice de la communication, Fanny Decobert, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
Digital technologist, Philippe Pereira, Leo Burnett France
Artist, Noma Bar, Artist
Production Director, Théo Gall, Insurrection
Production, Arthur Scotti, Insurrection
Production, Lucas Eberle, Insurrection
Production, Charles Portier, Insurrection
Graphiste Case, Julien Laudicina, Insurrection
Post Producter image, Frederic Lubin, Prodigious
Film Editor, Michael Ferrier, Prodigious
Animation production, Guillaume Marien, MATHEMATIC
animation voice off, Charly Nyobe, MATHEMATIC
Sound producer, Boris Jeanne, Prodigious
Animation film music, Brice Davoli, MATHEMATIC
Digital Prodution, Frederic Boyer, MAKE ME PULSE
Digital Prodution, Julien Ruault, MAKE ME PULSE
Digital Prodution, Mathias Roumy, MAKE ME PULSE

Having generated thousands of posters for the exhibit, the project received an overwhelming amount media coverage, earning 128 million media impressions—or roughly €10M in earned media for an investment of slightly under €20K. Even celebrities like “Amelie” director Jean Pierre Jeunet and designer Phillippe Stark created posters, helping to push the project into the cultural mainstream. But most importantly, the campaign helped increase museum visits by an unprecedented 300%, educating the country about the dangers of racism and bringing people of all colors in France back together

The museum has created an innovative campaign that allows everyone to become ambassadors of the exhibition by sharing one of the things that makes them so unique: THEIR SKIN COLOR.

The CHROMA campaign aimed to create awareness in France around the rise of racism. Our goal was not only to promote the exhibition but also to engage people to make a strong gesture against racism and to help open a national conversation on this theme just before the election. We wanted people to participate and co-create the various posters of the exhibition. They were therefore able to participate actively in the creation of content but especially in its diffusion by sharing it on their own social networks. We engaged them in an interactive experience and gave them a platform to stand against racism.

Chroma is an innovative application that creates custom anti-racism posters based on a scan of your skin tone. It scans uploaded images to detect your skin tone, and then adds that color to a series of posters created by designer Noma Bar.Multiple posters were shared on social media and selected images were turned into billboards in the streets and press ads in several news and magazines.Numerous French celebrities posted their own poster on social media.The Chroma interface was also accessible at the exhibition through a digital installation where people could participate in the experience and create in real time their very own posters.

Just before the French elections, racism in France was at its height and threatened the pillars of French society.To open people’s mind the Musée de l’Homme has created: “NOUS ET LES AUTRES: Des préjugés au racisme” (Us and Them: From prejudices to racism), its first year-long exhibit. We had to promote this important exhibition but, most importantly, help create awareness around the rise of racism.
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Cyber
Co-Creation & User Generated Content
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
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