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The Green Light

The Green Light | Honda | Y&R
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Industry: Automotive & Services
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism

More than one third of road accidents involve pedestrians in Jordan. Even though pedestrians have right of way, drivers rarely stop at zebra crossings. Honda’s intent is to make the streets safer for everyone, not just for drivers. The objective of the project was to communicate Honda’s social commitment and advanced brand values through human-centric product innovation, and help Honda take a step further in road safety through the products it offers and the causes it supports. Furthermore, our objective was to make our solution available in all Honda showrooms, and to all drivers, no matter the car or brand, and make it a universal feature as ubiquitous as the seat belt.

The Green Light is composed of a green LED strip, embedded in a 3D printed structure covered by a transparent surface that diffuses the light homogeneously, in order for it to be seen easily during both night and day. The Green Light is simply fastened beneath the license plate, thanks to two hooks that guarantee a quick installation. The device is light, with (36.4Lx6.2Wx2.1Hcm) dimensions in order to fit and be seen on every car model. The Green Light is integrated in the existing system for lighting the rear brakes. So when the brake pedal is pressed, power activates the brake lights and the Green Light simultaneously. The wires from the device are fed through the grill, run directly into the car interior and then plugged into the designated fuse.

Honda, being a car manufacturer, wants to play a major role in improving safety on the streets. Honda is a brand with a human-centered vision, so with this project we shifted the main focus from drivers to pedestrians. In Jordan, accidents that involve pedestrians are a big problem, and instead of simply communicating this issue, we wanted to create a tool that can help solve it. We also understood the strategic importance of making any solution universal, so that it could be implemented no matter the make of vehicle.

The Green Light is now sold in every Honda Showroom throughout Jordan. With this project, Honda took a step further in being perceived like the human centered brand that it is, its commitment towards creating safer streets is now widely known and this is making a real impact on people’s lives. Once this project becomes part of Jordan’s culture, streets will be a safer place for both pedestrians and drivers. Importantly, the device can be installed on any make of car, thus inviting all drivers (Honda owners or otherwise) to step into a Honda showroom. Furthermore, Honda aims to include the Green Light in their accessories catalogue, in order to give it even more visibility and reach all the drivers that would potentially want to apply it on their cars.

While working on the brief, something struck us as odd. There are brake lights at the cars’ rears, helping drivers keep a safe distance from the vehicles ahead. These brake lights are unmistakable signals. But there is nothing at the front to indicate to pedestrians if the car heading towards them is slowing down. So we shifted the focus from drivers to pedestrians, creating a device which is applied on cars, but is meant for those who are not driving.We developed The Green Light, the first car light created with pedestrians in mind. This new device, linked to the cars’ brakes, will tell people when to cross. Whenever the driver brakes, the Green Light turns on at the front of the car. When pedestrians see it, they’ll know they can cross. When they don’t, they will wait.
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Other credit:Entrant Company: Y&R DUBAI, United Arab Emirates
Additional Company: Y&R AMMAN, JORDAN
Executive Director, Ivar Siosteen, Pixelplusmedia
Business Development, Jose Garcellano, Pixelplusmedia
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