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Let's Summer

Let's Summer | Alpargatas | BBDO
Download Download JPG | 2352x3530px
Industry: Apparel, Clothing & Footwear
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism
Cultural/Context information for the jury

Every year, Havaianas launches a global campaign, reinforcing its stance as the brand that best understands the spirits of Brazilian summer. In addition to showing off its products, the brand always comes up with a topic that will allow it to dialogue with consumers across a variety of media. To do that, we developed a campaign inspired by classified ads, describing the different things people could do to feel Brazilian summer. The invitations ranged from traditional events related to dance, the beach, and nature, to sports and everyday activities. Some of the invitations are very specifically tied to the spirits of Brazilian summer. In those cases, small explanatory subtitles provide additional fun facts.

Tell the jury about the illustration.

All the illustrations were designed to work in each quadrant, allowing for the possibility of a modular campaign – after all, it’s being used globally and each market has different media needs and specific formats. The illustrations are fairly simple for the same reason.
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Buyer:
Production Company:
Other credit:General Creative Director: Luiz Sanches.
Creatives: ‘Firulo’ Andre Vervloet, Pedro Corbett, Vitor Rolim
Animation Directors: Rael Falkenbach and Ricardo Maximo
Coordination: Thabata Eleutério
2D Animation: Bruno Brasil, Robério Reis, Denise Barbosa, and Ricardo Maximo
3D Sandals: Adelmo Barreira
Rtvc: Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Bôas
Client Services: Cristina Chacon, Mariana Silveira, Fabíola Loureiro, Warley Vieira, Caroline Pavesi, Illana Roque
Media: Carla Durighetto, Paula Kosugi
Approval: Carla Schmitzberger, Barbara Miranda, Eliana Vilches, Bruno Montejorge, Maria Fernanda Candeloro, Laura Varante
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Silver Industry Craft
Packaging Design
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Bronze Industry Craft
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