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Feel It Still

Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Media:Design & Branding
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism

Portugal. The Man’s new album “Woodstock” was a reaction to the highly charged political climate of Trump’s America. The band sought to use their fans as a force for positive change.

Portugal. The Man didn’t name their new album “Woodstock” on accident...there’s a direct connection between the current political climate in the US and that of the late 1960s. With an eye on how music from the Woodstock era brought people together, we used technology to make this music video an optimistic call to action for today.

At first glance, “Feel It Still” looks like a typically hip indie music video. But hidden within all that rock star apathy was a digital “resistance toolkit” that featured actionable ways to fight back against the Trump administration. The 30 secret links included a custom website with a direct-dial to the White House, a video explaining protester rights, donation sites for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, and protest posters based on the band’s lyrics.

“Feel It Still” is a catchy anti-anthem about a clueless “rebel just for kicks.” We shot the video to look like typical rock star debauchery, but underneath it we hid 30 secret embedded links—an underground resistance toolkit to help the band’s fans fight the Trump administration.

•Averaged 17 interactions per viewing—4x the platform’s previous record. •The single landed in the top 10 on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart in over 20 countries—including the #1 spot in the US and #4 spot globally. •Covered by major publications like “Noisey”, “Spin”, “Fader”, and “Fast Company.”•Video has almost 1,000,000 views across platforms.•The band’s most successful single to date.•NOTE: It is difficult to quantify the video’s charitable impact, but we are proud to have brought visibility to more than two dozen worthy organizations.

This interactive music video draws together music, video, technology, politics, and activism. And it did so at a time when a large segment of the US felt somewhat lost and helpless. We sought to entertain but also to give people a path toward doing something positive.
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: WIEDEN+KENNEDY, Portland, USA
Media Agency: WIEDEN+KENNEDY, Portland, USA
PR Agency: WIEDEN+KENNEDY, Portland, USA
Additional Company: PORTUGAL. THE MAN, West Hollywood, USA
Additional Company: RED LIGHT MANAGEMENT, West Hollywood, USA
Integrated Production Director, Mike Davidson, Wieden+Kennedy
Project Lead, Annie Barker, Wieden+Kennedy
Studio Designer, Garrett Close, Wieden+Kennedy
Studio Designer, Curtis Pachunka , Wieden+Kennedy
Studio Designer, Caitlin Alexander , Wieden+Kennedy
Comms Planning, Kelsey Bozanich, Wieden+Kennedy
Business Affairs, Amber Lavender , Wieden+Kennedy
Business Affairs, Anna Beth Nagel, Wieden+Kennedy
PR, Brandon Reynolds, Wieden+Kennedy
Director, Fourclops ;;), PRETTYBIRD
Executive Producer, Candice Dragonas, PRETTYBIRD
Executive Producer, Derek Richmond , PRETTYBIRD
Lead Developer, Jennifer Mah, WIREWAX
Head of Development, Jose Rego, WIREWAX
Head of Creative, Steve Paxson, WIREWAX
Javascript Developer, John Flockton, WIREWAX
Music Artist, John Gourley , Portugal. The Man
Music Artist, Zachary Carothers , Portugal. The Man
Music Artist, Jason Sechrist, Portugal. The Man
Music Artist, Kyle O'Quin , Portugal. The Man
Manager, Rich Holtzman, Red Light Management
DP, Michael Ragen, PRETTYBIRD
Line Producer, Judy Craig, PRETTYBIRD
Telecine, Greg Reeves, The Mill
The One Show 2018
Merit Interactive
Interactive Video
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze Entertainment for Music
Excellence in Interactive Music Video
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