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The Chemistry of Alternatives

The Chemistry of Alternatives | Picton Mahoney | Yield Branding
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The right chemistry turns risk into opportunity. Everyday investors deserve more than just everyday solutions. There’s a theory for everything. We rely on expertise. Every time we prove our methods, we prove ourselves. We follow a simple ‘test, prove, and test again’ formula.
Industry: Financial & Legal services
Style: Minimalism
Rather than launching a new product we recommended launching a new branded investment approach called – Fortified Investing. This enabled us to package the entire offering of 3 new liquid alternative funds, their existing mutual funds, their advisor education program and their thought leadership around portfolio construction under one more compelling banner. This would separate them from all the new product launches hitting the street while amplifying their expertise and tenure against the big banks.

Our communication strategy was to position the new comers as inexperienced, that would open advisors up to unnecessary risk who were considering going into liquid alternatives, effectively positioning them before they could position themselves.

Our creative (consisting of website launch and corporate posters) demonstrated the sophisticated expertise required to invest, through the use of a “chemistry” metaphor and the line – The chemistry of alternatives. Chemistry requires exact formulas for things to work properly and this was the essence of why Picton was the better choice.
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