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Gym Boy

Industry: Automotive & Services
Market:South Africa
Style: Minimalism

Anxiety comes in all shapes and forms. It’s not just about the big things like paying off bonds, meeting impossible deadlines and figuring out the meaning of life. Sometimes, it’s about the much smaller, sillier things that no one ever talks about. No matter what brings it on, once it hits, your anxious thoughts tend to spiral out of control turning the smallest worry into your biggest nightmare. We want to show people we understand this and help them stop the spiral… with Biral.

(SFX: Ambient noises of the gym, friendly music, light chatter, clanging of weights etc…. aerobics teacher encouraging class) MV (Internal):Ok, at the gym, it’s a ‘new me’,Sheesh I’ve walked like 10 steps in hereand I’m already sweating… in my eye?!just winked at the biggest guy in the gym.(SFX: Shepard’s tone begins. Heart starts pounding, getting faster and faster, the thuds on the treadmill increase in pace, the beeps of the machine increase, the go go music gets faster, shouting aerobics woman gets angry…)MV (Internal): It’s ok Reggie, everything’s ok, this is a safe Place your towel over your shoulder, no over your Head towards the back exit where those kids are staring at you Laughing helps you look confidentha ha ha Harden up “Reginald spaghetti legs” is all you’ll everBe cool because when you freak out your voice goes all Hi… creepy Mr sunbed-ripped-carrot- staringMan it’s getting hotter and hotter in here can’t think Straight to the plastic surgeon when that Beefcake I winked at is done withmy Facebook profile will have to change to a differentOne(Juan) Fernandez Gonzales will be my new name and VO:Stop the spiral… with Biral(SFX: Pill dropping in water)VO:The natural tranquilizer that keeps you calm and in control when you spin out of it.
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Account Supervisor:
Other credit:Entrant Company: PUBLICIS MACHINE, Cape Town, South Africa
Sound Engineer, Stephen Webster, The Workroom
Voice Artist, Oliver Booth, Oliver Booth
Production Manager, Hazel van Jaarsveld, Publicis Machine
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze Radio
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