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Get Back, Tohoku.

Get Back, Tohoku. | East Japan Railway Company | Dentsu Young & Rubicam
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Industry: Professional & Public services
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism

In 2011, Japan's Tohoku region was devastated by one of the most destructive earthquakes in recorded history. The "Get Back, Tohoku." campaign was launched that year, and has continued for nine years since. Our goal in creating the campaign was to revitalize the local tourism industry, and help residents "get back" the life they once knew. We focused on the region's railways, artistically depicting trains and local scenery in a single moment of time to evoke the joy and wonder of travel.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Our nine-year campaign to rebuild the tourism industry in a region devastated by an earthquake and tidal wave took an analog approach to graphic design. With artistic photos of trains, tracks, bridges, tunnels, and natural scenery, we created posters that capture the joy of travel with a documentary touch. No compositing techniques were used. Instead, we carefully choreographed each shoot to capture the perfect composition and moment, transforming ordinary commuter trains into heroic art.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

We began by scouting locations throughout the region to study how the scenery changed with the seasons. Natural lighting was a key factor in determining our shooting schedule, which also had to be synchronized with local train schedules to get the shots we wanted. We deliberately eschewed compositing, and relied solely on our eyes and creative vision to compose each image. With this analog approach, we captured the emotional experience of travel with natural realism and a documentary touch.

List the results (20% of vote)

East Japan Railway Company's infrastructure is a vital part of daily life in the Tohoku region. It operates the Shinkansen high-speed trains that bring visitors from Tokyo, as well as local lines that area residents rely on to commute to school and work. Our nine-year campaign successfully increased visitor traffic to stations and towns that were previously bypassed by most tourists, and helped boost the morale of residents throughout the region.
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