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Huggies H-Section

Huggies H-Section | Huggies | Ogilvy
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Industry: Personal accessories
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism

For years, Huggies has been espousing the power of skin-to-skin hugs to deepen the brand’s emotional connection with new and expectant moms. Skin-to-skin hugging immediately after birth is proven to help stabilize vital signs, build immune systems, promote weight gain, ward off chronic illness, improve brain development and much more.

Unfortunately, 30% of women in Canada who give birth by C-section are denied the opportunity to hug their newborns immediately because of the risk of infection. So we embarked on a mission to help change the way C-section babies are brought into the world, in an effort to win over new moms, as well as medical practitioners, one of the most important influencers of mom’s purchase decision.

By earning the support of one of Canada’s most respected Chiefs of Maternal Medicine, we are inspiring hospitals across Canada to enable C-section moms to hug their babies immediately, without risk of infection.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Huggies believes no baby should go unhugged – not even C-section babies. So we partnered with 3 nurses to develop a Canadian-approved surgical drape that enables C-section moms to hug their newborns, without risk of infection.

This innovative drape features a re-sealable opening that allows doctors to pass baby directly into mom’s arms for skin-to-skin hugs within seconds of birth, and without breaking the sterility field.

Helping C-section moms hug their newborns will deepen our emotional connection with our core target: new and expectant moms. “H-Section” also strengthens our relationship with hospitals and further solidifies our “#1 choice of Canadian hospitals” diaper claim.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

A standard C-section drape protects mom from infection, but it also prevents her from hugging her baby immediately.

This innovative drape features a re-sealable opening or window. When the doctor lifts baby out of mom’s womb, the window is opened, baby is passed through the opening directly into her arms and the window is re-sealed to maintain sterility while closing the incision.

The drape uses strong surgical fabric, Velcro fasteners and a generous opening for safe passage of baby and umbilical cord.

Huggies initiated the partnership between the drape inventors and Dr. Jon Barrett, one of the nation’s most respected Chiefs of Maternal Medicine. Huggies also provided a research grant, which is being used to assist in the roll out of the drape and study the benefits of skin-to-skin during C-sections. Our goal is to inspire hospitals nationwide to allow C-section moms to hug their babies immediately, using this drape.

List the results (20% of vote)

Huggies’ H-Section partnership strengthens our relationship with hospitals and our “#1 choice of Canadian hospitals” diaper claim. It also solidifies our brand position as an enabler of hugs.

The drape is being used in collaboration with Dr. Jon Barrett, Chief of Maternal Medicine at one of Canada’s largest teaching hospitals. Numerous C-sections using the drape have been performed over the past 6 months, by 5 different OBGYNs.

Through word of mouth – and through Dr. Barrett’s network – more and more hospitals are reaching out for the drape. “I’m convinced the immediate skin-to-skin hug that is available to us and assisted by this drape can make C-sections akin to the normal birthing experience”, says Barrett. “I believe this procedure should be offered to all moms.”

H-Section has begun to inspire real change from within the Canadian healthcare system. The fact that it has started with a diaper brand is monumental.
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