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Industry: Electronics & Audio-Visual
Style: Minimalism
Creative Execution:
S-Drive recruited drivers with a fully integrated campaign recruitment that included live activations, print, posters, outdoor, ambient, radio, YouTube videos and PR – all directing people to where they could learn more and sign up. Activations at surf festivals and universities also signed up people on the spot.

Free S-Drive kit came with a phone cradle equipped with an NFC chip that activated the S-Drive app along with safe driving mode, allowing for voice only responses.

Using GPS data, the app then monitors the speed limit, awarding you points for staying below the limit.

Points can then be redeemed for rewards.

A fresh, new approach that has successfully engaged participants to actively change their own driving behaviour for the better. Drive Teams have also turned peer pressure into a positive force.

Results after 6 weeks:

2,500 active participants.

20,000+ S-Drives undertaken.

1,000,000+ safe kilometres travelled.

50,000+ rewards claimed.

0 road fatalities.

They are the best road statistics for the region since records began in 1936.

Program participation has climbed week-on-week instead of declining after launch like traditional advertising campaigns.

Speed and mobile related infringements are also down 25% and all participants interviewed experienced a significant change in their driving behavior.

Despite years of government scare tactics, inexperience, speed and the ever-increasing distraction of smartphones mean that 1 in 3 young Australian drivers crash within their first year of driving, and 2 die on our roads every week.

In a country with one of the highest smartphone penetration levels in the world, Samsung saw that it could actually use its smartphones to promote road safety, and in the process, turn a distraction on the road into a life saving tool.

Introducing S-Drive - a program that encourages and rewards safe driving. At its heart is a smartphone app that monitors driving behaviour, giving out points for every safe kilometre travelled, which can be redeemed for rewards.

An additional social component incentivised people to create Drive Teams with two friends. They could then motivate each other to drive safely to win special team-only rewards, reinforcing the deadly 1 in 3 statistic and using peer pressure for good.
Chief Creative Officer:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Other credit:Creative Group Heads: Misha Mcdonald/Sharon Edmondston
Developers: Daniel Terrier/Keong Seet
Developers: Mitchell Trent/Rhys Davis/Sinisa Poznic
Group Business Director: Suzie Baker
Chief Marketing Officer: Arno Lenior
Marketing: Bianca Da Silva
Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel
PR: Edelman
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014
Bronze Mobile
User Experience
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