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Industry: Alcoholic drinks
Media:Promotion & Event
Style: Minimalism
Describe the brief from the client
In 2011, the NHL announced it had signed a sponsorship agreement with competitive brand Molson and wouldn’t be renewing its contract with Budweiser. As hockey represents the biggest volume-driving occasion in Canada, this was potentially a massive setback.

So Budweiser set out to provide a meaningful connection for fans to their favourite pastime and their brand, and aspired to launch a campaign that would elevate the greatest moment in hockey, the goal. To do this, Budweiser acted as a passionate super fan and used its resources to bring the most iconic hockey symbol for celebration to life in Canadian households.

Promotion Development
Leveraging a technology that’s never been used before in a consumer product, Budweiser created a physical, game-synched hockey goal light that goes off every time a fan’s favourite city scores.

An idea this big needed to be announced on the biggest stage, so on February 3rd Budweiser launched the campaign with an anthemic 60-second spot during the Super Bowl. The spot directed people to, which turned into a fully functional e-commerce site where they could learn more and purchase a light. The hope was to drive an increase to and sell out in the first month.

Average monthly unique visitors increased from 13,200 to 451,000.

In February, the Budweiser fan base increased by 14,800 and engagement increased by 373%.

Over 30m earned impressions have been generated, including accolades from professional hockey players and fans.

The light also garnered high praise from Apple co-founder Guy Kawasaki, who tweeted, 'the best marketing idea ever'. Wired and Contagious magazine also ran features praising the innovation.

The first release sold out within hours of the Super Bowl launch. A second release was opened for May delivery and sold out within 3 weeks.

Relevancy to Product/Service
We first set out to own hockey’s most electrifying moment: the goal. As it relates to goals, the Red Light best represents that moment for hockey fans. This iconic symbol for goals and great times was manifested through the Budweiser Red Light, a physical, game-synched goal light that goes off whenever your favorite city scores.

Strategically, it made perfect sense. Budweiser is celebration and optimism in a bottle. Similarly, the goal light is celebration and optimism in a flash – a powerful symbol of elation underlying Canada’s national pastime. It also represents teamwork and camaraderie which are shared values of Budweiser.
Executive Creative Director:
Production Company:
Sound Design:
Other credit:Creative Team: Mike Warzin/Taylor Twist
Account Team: Brent Rivard/Dion Aralihalli/Keltie White/Allison Cornford/Vanessa Cote
Clients: Jorn Socquet/Kyle Norrington/JR Edwards/Alexis Smith/Briar Wells
Product Development And Manufacturing: Buzz Products
Offline Editorial: Patrick McElroy/Robert Duffy/Patrick Murphree
Offline Editorial: Melissa Kahn/Christina Humphries
Offline Editorial: Sarah Brooks/Aaron Dark
Conform: Shipping & Handling LA
Telecine: Tom Poole/Co 3 NY, Eric Whipp/Alter Ego
Audio Mix/Recording Studio: Lime Studios LA
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2013
Silver Promo
Best New Product Launch/Re-Launch or Multi-Product Promotion
London International Advertising Awards 2013
Weird Wonderful Work
London International Advertising Awards 2013
Gold Digital
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