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Coins of Hope

Coins of Hope | Child Focus | These Days
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Industry: Public interest & Non-profit
Media:Direct Market
Style: Minimalism

We created a daily reminder to make sure missing children are never forgotten, and designed 1 million 2 Euro coins with the face of a missing child, instead of that of our king. Each coin also showed the website with information on all missing children. We even used a live database: depending on which country you’re in, the most relevant cases are shown first. The supporting campaign asked people to spread hope by spending the coins. And we turned our 1 million coins into countless virtual ones, by asking people to share a picture, using #CoinsofHope. Or, if they didn’t have a Coin of Hope yet, by doing a ‘coin swap’ with any other coin on the campaign website.

In Europe, every two minutes a child is reported missing. Some of them are found quickly, but others remain missing for years. Data showed that attention for older missing children’s cases had dropped significantly. The missing posters and social posts have become old news. Unjustly so, because previous cases have proven that even after years the right information can still provide a breakthrough. Child Focus, the Belgian Center for Missing Children, never gives up hope. They do everything it takes to help the families in their search and to get others involved. The objectives of the campaign were to express Child Focus’ hope for all missing children and to get everyone talking about them again. We wanted to give these children the attention they deserve.

The media attention for all missing children resulted in one journalist who even managed to locate one of the children in our campaign: Mansour Safi, who had been missing for almost a year.€22 million earned media180 million media impressions+70 million social reach+56% share rate of Child Focus posts+203% engagement on Facebook page

We needed the King’s approval to replace his portrait, but also that of the Royal Mint, the Secretary of Finance and the 19 governments of the Eurozone. We then commissioned the designer of the common side of the Euro, Luc Luyckx, to turn Liam’s missing poster into a 3D design for a coin.On International Missing Children’s Day, Child Focus launched the Coins of Hope during a press conference with the secretary of Finance. To insure a fast spread across the country, the 1 million coins were randomly divided across banks in Belgium.The supporting campaign was launched at the same time. Encouraging people to quickly spend the coins after sharing a picture with #CoinsofHope. Or doing a ‘coin swap’ on the campaign website: placing our design onto every other coin. Turning our million Coins of Hope into countless virtual ones.

Data showed that attention for older missing children’s cases had dropped significantly. We wanted to create a permanent reminder for all missing children. Get people to look at the missing children reports in their region and share the campaign. Although we had little budget, we wanted to reach all Belgians, and preferably people across borders too as any tip can lead to a breakthrough. We created 1 million 2 euro coins with the face of a missing child: Liam Vanden Branden, who has been missing for 20 years. Each coin also shows the website with all missing children. We used a live database: depending on which country you’re in, the most relevant cases are shown first. The supporting campaign asked people to spread hope by spending the coins. With Coins of Hope we created a new medium with infinite impressions as they’re continually spread from hand to hand across Europe.
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Manager:
Other credit:Entrant Company: THESE DAYS - WUNDERMAN, Antwerp, Belgium
Media Agency: MEDIACOM, Brussels, BELGIUM
PR Agency: FINN PR, Brussels, BELGIUM
Design Director, Max Heirbaut, THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
Chief Strategy Officer, Toon Diependaele, THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
Strategy Planner- Brand Analyst, Katleen De Vlieger, THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
Strategy Planner , Jef Raeman , THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
Digital Strategist, Geerlinde Pevenage, THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
3D production, Creative Conspiracy
Content Production , VICE
Sound Engineer, Mathias Lewis, THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
Sound Engineer, Eli Sundermann, THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
Creative Technologist, Olivier Berger, THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
Solution Architect, Stijn Janssens, THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
Project Manager, Claudio Capo, THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
Performance, Niky Patyn, THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
UX Designer , Krisje Verbert, THESE DAYS (Wunderman – Y&R)
Developer, Bram Verdyck
Developer, Veerle Struyf
Developer, Jill Van Reeth
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze Design
Promotional Item Design
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