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adidas SPEEDFACTORY - 6 City Activation

adidas SPEEDFACTORY - 6 City Activation | adidas | Resn
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Industry: Apparel, Clothing & Footwear
Style: Minimalism
Describe the creative idea

The concept of the six city touring SPEEDFACTORY activation fell into three areas:

Speed - the manufacturing process is faster than conventional production.
Co-Creation - athletes sports science data was incorporated into all 6 products.
Innovation - from the way the data was captured to how the products were made involved new techniques.

For this holistic view, we built the interior walls from the same materials found at the real SPEEDFACTORY plants as well as accompanying print and digital visuals and copy explaining the SPEEDFACTORY process.

Visitors were able to co-create individual content through face and skeletal tracking, foot scanners from our sport science team and a treadmill run which aggregated a 20-second film of their running data.

The whole onsite experience was tied together with our Web App (also refreshed with each city launch) - a digital wallet which added the 'speed' through consumer content delivery in seconds!

Describe the execution

The touring activation was designed so that all external and internal elements could fit into the two shipping containers which also served as the primary structure making it fit for land and sea.

When parked side-by-side the inside facing walls became the floor of a bridging middle section allowing increased overall surface area. The custom roof above was fabricated so it could be assembled within hours. When in position, the interior space amounted to around 80m2 and accommodated up to 30 visitors at a time comfortably.

The modularity of this approach allowed us extreme flexibility and speed when addressing the visited countries differing health and safety requirements.

SPEEDFACTORY is a manufacturing process that's 'always in beta' and we wanted the design aesthetic of the activation - the scaffolding exterior, exposed cables and brand updates for every key city - to reflect this ever-iterating philosophy.

The entire activation housed 5 interactive installations:
1. Kinect Wall
2. x3 Photobooths
3. x2 Footscanners
4. Treadmill product trial run
5. Wireless Interactive Shoe

On permanent display were 3 custom made analogue Flipdot walls, 6 HD screens displaying the product, multiple product benefit explainer videos and over 60 print posters. At every new location, all of this was material was changed; the screens, the posters, and the interactive content were amended to the design of the new cities product. Further, all copy was localised and when it made sense to the product we added new materials.

In Los Angeles, for example, and the collaboration with 'Parley for the Oceans' we decorated the structure with yarn made from recycled plastic and printed all content on recyclable cardboard.

The initial build from concept to go-live in London spanned 7, intensely productive weeks.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Shortlist Digital Craft
Experience Design: Multi-platform
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