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The Biggest Sports Endorsement Deal of All Time

Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Media:Direct Market
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism

This idea leveraged Ambient media to allow consumers to interact with the brand and earn press coverage. It was an incredibly low cost idea, but earned significant press coverage that resulted in a sales lift of 300%.

The overall budget was $340. We turned a brand that few people had heard of, and a baseball player that even fewer people had heard of, into a huge news story. This resulted in a 300% increase in sales for Archer products. Not to mention more media coverage the brand had ever seen.

Archer is a home goods company for men. They make a variety of manly home care products like air fresheners and dish soaps. Only five years old, Archer is a small company, but is well-positioned to make a big impact in the marketplace. They approached us looking for a disruptive idea that could break through a crowded category to connect with their target despite a very limited budget.

Archer was looking to create some buzz, so we signed independent league pitcher Clay Chapman to the largest sports endorsement deal in history: $3.4 billion paid out over 10 million years (with an option to extend).

We needed to connect with men who love sports. The problem is sports marketing is expensive and Archer had a small annual marketing budget. We knew we needed to be disruptive. That’s why we didn’t copy those big sports brands and chase the highest paid players. Also because their lawyers sent us cease and desist letters. Instead, we went straight to the minor leagues and found our diamond in the rough: Windy City Thunderbolts pitcher Clay Chapman. Clay was the perfect fit for the brand because he’s a young, hungry player who really appreciates a good air freshener (since he spends so much time in locker rooms). To make sure the deal was big enough to grab headlines, we held a press conference to announce the biggest sports endorsement of all time.

We did what anyone would do when handing over $3.4 billion to a sports player. We hosted a press conference in a sports museum, named after a famed baseball announcer. We had Clay speak to the press, who brought news cameras and reporters. We streamed the event over Facebook Live for fans and media from around the world, with all social and digital content leading people to And, most importantly, we had Clay sign autographs. Lots and lots of autographs.

So, did it work? You bet. The press event was attended by major news outlets like FOX, The Associated Press, NBC, and hundreds of Clay’s fans. We went from no one having heard of us, to everyone talking about us overnight. Archer sales increased by 300%, with just a $340 investment. That’s a pretty good ROI for the first year of the partnership, and we expect the trajectory to continue over the next 9,999,999 years.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Account Supervisor:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: FCB CHICAGO, USA
Senior Audio Engineer, Jason Ryan, Lord + Thomas
VP, Strategic Planning Director, Tom Hehir, FCB Chicago
VP, Executive Producer, Jared Stachowitz, Lord + Thomas
Audio Engineer, Alec Chojnacki, Lord + Thomas
President, Aaron Fronk, FND Film
Vice President, Vinny DeGaetano, FND Film
President, Virginia Devlin, Current Marketing
Assistant Account Executive, Jon Farren, Current Marketing
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