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Black Salary Friday

Black Salary Friday | Instituto Identidades do Brasil | Leo Burnett
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Industry: Public interest & Non-profit
Style: Minimalism
Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Black Salary Friday campaign was an activation that first took place in digital ambient and extrapolated to a 360º public engagement, reaching from social networks to traditional media like TV shows. Every piece of this activation was thought to draw people’s attention and surprise them with a shocking statistic.


In Brazil, the salary of black professionals is 47% lower than whites in the same job. Ong ID_BR is fighting for racial equality and Black Awareness Day is an important day to discuss this issue.
However, Black Friday happens in the same week as Black Awareness Day.
The purpose of the activation was to draw people's attention to the pay gap between blacks and whites, even with all the attention directed to Black Friday.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Black worker’s salary is 47% lower than white ones. And the Black Awareness Day and Black Friday happen in the same week. How to draw attention to racial equality when everybody is thinking about discounts? ID_BR, a NGO for black rights, launched the Black Salary Friday campaign. An activation bringing a fictitious promotion offering a 47% discount when hiring a black person. We spread banners and videos announcing the sale. By clicking the offer, people discover how bad is the situation of black workers in Brazil. Big artists and influencers of Brazil has join the campaign, make it take over the internet conversations.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Strategy was based on shed light on a issue that had never been discussed in the country. We needed impact to draw people’s attention and we created a fictitious promo for that. This curious promo revealed the huge problem of racial payment inequality. We engaged corporate environment and digital influencers that helped to boost the activation, reaching a bigger audience. The campaign has become a big conversation on social networks.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

The campaign was aired on November 20, 2018, Black Awareness Day and only 3 days left for Black Friday. Our goal was to reach as many people as possible to warn about the poor working conditions of black people in Brazil. We used online films, banners, posts, and digital influencers to promote our campaign, totaling more than 35 million hit.

List the results (30% of vote)

More than 35 million people were impacted by activation. The site of the NGO ID_BR had an increase of accesses of 522%. The hiring of black workers increased by 8.6% in the following months and the discussion on racial inequality on the internet increased by 431%. Black Salary Friday drew attention to the issue and promoted discussion among celebrities, population, and businesses across the country.

Please tell us about the social behaviour and/or cultural insights that inspired your campaign

Racial inequality in Brazil is huge, but most people avoid talking about it. An example is the statistic that we brought in this campaign: black professionals earns 47% less than their white counterparts. A statistic that shows the huge gap Brazilian corporative environmental have it. But nobody in the country knew it before the Black Salary Friday campaign. The campaign was responsible for shed light on this problem, becoming a big conversation in the country. Social Influencers, TV shows and newspaper articles brought the issue based on Black Salary Friday campaign. For the first time in the country, race pay gap has been widely discussed.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Other credit:Media: Andrea Hirata, Ana Claudia Rosati, Teresa Urbano and Nathalia Linari.
Digital Projects / Content: Denis Gustavo, Pedro Rais, Katia Rosa, Andreza Aguiar and Cirilo Dias
Agency Integrated Production Director: Maria Fernanda Moura
RTV: Carol Araújo
3D Artist: Mazola Rímoli
Audio Production Company: S de samba
Client approval: Luana Génot (ID_BR).
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Shortlist Brand Experience & Activation
Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight
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