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BMW Flash-Projection

Industry: Automotive & Services
Style: Minimalism
Turn young potential motorbiker into fans of BMW Motorrad. By staging the brand in an unseen, really fascinating way.

The first cinema commercial that doesn't use a directly visible logo. During an exciting Superbike commercial we illuminated the BMW logo with a harmless photo flash onto the audience's eyes. When the audience was asked to close their eyes at the end of the ad, they were surprised to see the BMW logo as an afterimage. BMW litterally got inside people's heads - involving them instead of boring them.

People who visited the movie shows were fascinated by this innovative performance. BMW Motorrad got a lot of positive feedback, especially excited comments in various biker blogs. Even film critics wrote about the event in their reviews. And of course there were several reports on BMW TV. At the pre-season opening at BMW Motorrad dealers a significant number of younger people referred to the event and asked for information material about Ruben Xaus and Superbike, the BMW S 1000 RR. The S 1000 RR is sold out until September 2010. A huge success inmidst a declining bike-market. A success BWM Motorrad never believed in before the start of the campaign.
Golden Award of Montreux 2010
Gold Television/Cinema
Best Use of Television/Cinema
ADC*E 2010
Gold Ambient Media
EPICA (Europe's Premier Creative Awards) 2010
Winner (Gold) Film
Media Innovation-Traditional Media
EPICA (Europe's Premier Creative Awards) 2010
Bronze (Finalist) Film
Automotive & Accessories
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