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Burj Dubai Microsite

Industry: Real estate
Published:Jul. 10, 2007
Market:United Arab Emirates
Style: Minimalism
The most reoccurring challenge we have is building anticipation and awareness around a product that has yet to be created.

Educational, providing answers to all your Burj questions.
Informative, keeping the audience up to date with construction status, essential figures, facts, and interesting elements. Impressive, in every meaning the word can have.

Since the building has yet to be finished the only images of the building are that of construction. This promotes they hype, because it shows the long arduous journey that the Burj Dubai is taking to become the tallest building in the world. The site is simple, yet it says a lot. Each attribute that is available to click on floats around the Burj simulating clouds. The main theme from the site comes from the words: “Burj Dubai will be known by many names. But only a privileged group of people will call it home”. We captured the prestigious and vibrant attributes of the Burj Dubai, the towering structure inspired by native flowers, the terrifying vista seen by construction workers precariously hammering away on the 139th floor. With the Burj Dubai itself figure heading the website design as the tallest element emphasizing the height factor.

The website was widely acclaimed by all in. Since the launch of the site, traffic has increased by 60 percent making it the most visited Emaar website.
Dubai Lynx Awards 2008
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