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Ocean Dildos

Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Media:Direct Market
Style: Minimalism

Because through an activation campaign we managed to draw attention to a problem people know but prefer to ignore: the alarming amount of plastic waste in the ocean. The campaign supported by MTV conveys the message in a fun and irreverent way, drawing the attention of millennials, our main target. They are known to not really care about anything. But Ocean Dildos became news, became object of desire and interacted with people that hadn’t realized the seriousness of the matter.

+72 MM impressions+42 MM people reached98% of positive mentions+32% in searches for recycling spotsThe dildos became object of desireThousands of millennials talking about an environmental problem

We knew that the idea was powerful by itself. So, we decided to focus on the product as the campaign’s main character. First, we launched a video explaining the insight to introduce our dildos. We also sent our dildos to digital influencers, to reach our target organically. The video soon became PR news and generated lots of interest. Then, we launched an integrated campaign, with TV spot, video music on MTV broadcast, digital campaign, radio spot and several other pieces. All pieces and messages were gathered in a website in which users could find out more about the cause, download content, and send tweets with our dildos directly to leaders of countries that most pollute the ocean.

The amount of plastic waste found in the ocean is a real threat to marine life. New study’s results revealed that more than 8 million tons of plastic reach the oceans every year. But several marketing campaigns were created about this. People just don’t really care. MTV’s goal was to create a strong campaign to speak directly to our main target: the millennials. They are cool digital people, interested in unusual content, which is curious and fun, and that stay clear of boring repetitive eco sameness. But how could we talk with them about a known problem in a way that wouldn’t go unnoticed? That was our challenge.

To draw attention to the enormous amount of plastic waste in the ocean the idea was to create something fun, powerful and new. So, we made a line of wonderful dildos made from plastic removed from the sea. The Ocean Dildos. To promote them, we created a fun and irreverent campaign: ‘Don’t f*ck the ocean. Do it with yourself’, which included TV spot, music video, social campaign, radio spot and several other pieces. We also sent our dildos to digital influencers and world leaders. The message quickly spread among the target and the dildos became a true object of desire. And so, we got the millennials attention to a problem that they were aware of, but simply don’t gave a f*ck.

The manufacturing of the Dildos took months. The dildos are made 100% from plastic waste collected from the ocean and the colours are the same as the original material used in production. Each item has unique texture, formed by the melting of the plastic. The Ocean Dildos quickly became PR news and an object of design. We produced a limited series of pieces. Part of this production was sent to leaders in the countries that most pollute the ocean. The other was sent to influencers and celebrities engaged in the cause. They posted about it, giving us thousands of interactions. From the website, it was also possible to send tweets with our dildos directly to the leaders that most pollute the ocean.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Art Buyer:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: AFRICA, São Paulo, Brazil
Head of Design, Filipe Birck, Africa
Motion Designer, Matteus de Faria Vilas Boas, Africa
Project Creative Director, Monique Lopes Lima, Africa
Project Manager, Eliot Tosta, Africa
Project Manager, Mila Battistoni , Africa
Print Producers, Carla Lustosa, Africa
Print Producers, Edson Harada, Africa
Client Services, Julia Newman, Africa
Media team, Gabriel Roveri, Africa
Media team, Luiz Fernando Vieira, Africa
Media team, Rodrigo Famelli , Africa
Planning VP, Rodrigo Maroni, Africa
Digital Creative Director, Yuri Mussoly, Africa
Product Manufacturer, Hugo Miguel, Hugo Miguel
Agency Producer, Eduardo Machado, Africa
Agency Producer, Ian Ingles, Africa
Agency Producer, Rodrigo Ferrari , Africa
Agency Producer, Stella Gafo , Africa
Sound Producer, Chris Jordao and team, Big Foote Music
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
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Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
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