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Mills and Boon 3D Audio - Immersive Erotica for The Eaes

Industry: Public interest & Non-profit
Market:United Kingdom
Style: Minimalism

Mills and Boon is the UK’s Leading publisher of romantic fiction of all types, from contemporary romance and historical drama to Rom-Com and Erotica. For the launch of their latest book (the 100th title for the publisher by author Sharon Kenrick) Mills and Boon wanted to find a new, modern way of dropping audiences right into the heart of the action of their latest story from the off to draw them in.Ultimately, Mills and Boon wanted to generate interest and awareness around the full release of the title in a way that had never done before.

To launch A Royal Vow of Convenience, the new book from romantic fiction publisher Mills and Boon – a first-of-its-kind immersive 3D audio excerpt of the title was recorded in Binaural sound that enabled the listener to be dropped right within a scene from the book.Using omnidirectional microphones placed in both the ears of actors for scenes delivered from a character’s perspective and in the ears of a Binaural ‘head’ placed in between the actors to deliver scenes from the narrators point of view, the microphones captured the sound of the scenes as a person would naturally hear it.This meant listeners heard everything as though they were actually there with the action taking place around them, coming from all directions and distances. The resulting audio was designed to have listeners looking around them and behind them as they responded (often an involuntary reaction) to what they have heard.

V/O: The evening was hot, and still.V/O: The workers, gratefully satisfied after a hearty meal, had left the kitchen.V/O: Sophie was thankful to be alone with her thoughts as she cleared up after the men...(FX: Sophie humming & clearing up)Rafe: Still here Sophie?(FX: Glass breaking)Sophie: Damn!Rafe: Hope that wasn't crystal.Sophie: Uh, I think it was. Sorry Rafe.(FX: Sweeping of broken glass)(FX: Pouring of wine and passing of the glass)Rafe: Just try not to drop this one.Sophie: Right.(FX: Phone ringing)(FX: Footsteps walking away)Rafe: Excuse me.(Rafe: Muffled Conversation)(FX: Footsteps walking back)(FX: Sip of wine)Rafe: Interesting...Sophie: What?Rafe: You are. When I asked about your background, no-one knew a thing about you. And after several days in your company, I find myself in exactly the same boat. You're a mystery, Sophie.Sophie: I thought my role here was to feed the men, not entertain them with my life story?Rafe: Yet apparently, when you arrived you didn't know one end of a frying pan from the other.Sophie: I soon learned.Rafe: And you looked at the tin-opener as if it had just landed from outer space.Sophie: Gosh, just how long have you been studying me?Rafe: Long enoughSophie: And?Rafe: I came to the conclusion that you're someone who's never had to get her hands dirty before. That maybe you've led a very privileged life up until now.V/O: Sophie stiffened. How perceptive he was, she thought - unwilling admiration was swept away by a sudden whisper of fear. Because wasn't this what she had dreaded all along - that the cool and clever Englishman would guess she wasn't what she seemed?(FX: Sophie’s chair moving)(FX: Aggressive tidying of dishes)Sophie: But none of the men – or you – have any complaints about my work, do you?Rafe: Are my questions bothering you, Sophie?Sophie: Not bothering me so much as boring me, if I may be frank. Didn't you say when I first arrived that you'd prefer it if I left you alone? That you didn't want me to engage you in conversations just for the sake of it?Rafe: Did I say that?Sophie: know you did. Yet now you're doing exactly that to me!Rafe: Well, maybe I've changed my mind. Maybe I'm wondering why a young and beautiful woman is hiding herself in the middle of nowhere without making a single phone call or getting any e-mailsSophie: I didn't realise I was being constantly monitored. Surely my life is my business?Rafe: It is, of course. But I'm intrigued by people who won't talk about themselves.V/O: And Sophie suddenly realised why that might be. A powerful man like Rafe Carter would have people falling over themselves to tell him everything he wanted to know. She wondered how he would react if she told him who she really was. Something told her he wouldn't fawn all over her, the way most people did when they came into close contact with a royal. He wouldn't ingratiate himself. She knew he would stay exactly the same and there was something tantalizing about that. But she couldn't risk it. Could she?Sophie: So, What exactly do you want to know?V/O: He considered her question, but he didn't really want facts, he wanted her. He'd wanted her from the first moment she turned around and looked at him. He shifted his weight to try and ease his discomfort realising he was sitting there like some frustrated teenager with a hard-on. And suddenly common sense overrode primitive need.(FX: Stool moves as Rafe gets up to leave)Rafe: It’s OK. Sophie. You’re right. Your life is none of my business. But for what it's worth - you're doing a pretty good job.(FX: Door Shutting)--------(FX: Sound of shower running then stopping).V/O: Sophie showered, frustrated. She was haunted by Rafe's image. By his beautiful, hard- boned face and powerful body. By the way those steely eyes had been sweeping over her and making her stomach turn somersaults. She stepped out of the shower.V/O: She looked outside. The night was beautiful and the moon was high in the unpolluted sky. She could see its milky glimmer on the surface of the pool and suddenly the thought of a swim seemed irresistible. If she was very quiet she would disturb no-one. She could cool herself down and wear herself out, and afterwards crawl back into bed exhausted.-------(FX: Nocturnal insects and floodlights of a pool)V/O: Sophie swam with strong, regular strokes which were the result of hours spent practicing in the palace pool.(FX: Splashing and swimming)(FX: Underwater sound)(FX: Splash of someone else jumping in the pool)Sophie: Rafe! You scared the life out of me!Rafe: Who did you think it was? *Laughs*(FX: Sound of rhythmic swimming)V/O: He dived beneath the water again. It was an impressive display, thought Sophie, reluctantly. A deliberate and very macho display, and she would have needed to be made of wood not to have respond to it. And Sophie was not made of wood. Far from it. Right then she felt like cream which had been whipped up into soft peaks.(FX: Sound of someone emerging from under water)Rafe: Amazing isn't it?Sophie: Very beautiful. It's getting … cold though. I'd better go in.Rafe: Please don't let me curtail your swim. I'd hate to think I was driving you away. Or that my presence was bothering you.(Fx: Sophie’s shallow breathing)(Fx: Sophie swallowing)Sophie: Rafe?Rafe: Come here(FX: Splashing sound of their bodies coming together)V/O: Her eyelids fluttered to a close as his mouth began to explore hers and his thumb flicked over the wet stud of her hardening nipple. He slid his hand further down, before letting his fingertips skim over her belly, down to where she was hot and aching. Her thighs parted as he slipped aside the panel of her swimsuit and pushed his finger deep inside her.(FX: Sophie’s quick breathing)Sophie: Rafe. Oh Rafe.Rafe: I want to have sex with you. And clearly you feel exactly the same way. But there are a few things you need to understand.Sophie: What kind of things?Rafe: You're staff. And I don't usually sleep with the hired help.Sophie: Oh. Well, I guess that's honest, at leastRafe: I'm nothing if I'm not honest, Sophie. And if we're going to do this, it has to be on my terms.Sophie: What terms?Rafe: One night. That's all. No more than that. No dates. No promises. And you certainly won’t be getting love because I don’t do love. I'm out of here tomorrow and it's goodbye. Do you understand?Sophie: I understand.Rafe: Just like that?Sophie: Exactly like that. Maybe I want the same thing as you do, Rafe. One night. No strings. No questions.(FX: Heavy breathing and kissing)Rafe: Then what the hell are we waiting for?(FX: Splashing)-------------
Creative Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: GLOBAL MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT, London, United Kingdom
The One Show 2018
Merit Radio
Craft / Sound Design - Single or Campaign
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Silver Radio
Sound Design
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Radio
Use of Audio Technology
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