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DO Black - The carbon limit credit card

DO Black - The carbon limit credit card | Doconomy | RBK
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Industry: Financial & Legal services
Style: Minimalism

In 2018 Doconomy launched a service called DO, a mobile banking service linked to a payment card, creating a profile of a user’s consumption-based climate impact relevant all commerce. This profile is created by applying an impact value to categorized products and services (using Åland Index). The platform allows the user to track, measure and offset their impact through a number of United Nations Certified Green Projects, while providing data driven insights to support behavior changes and take climate action through conscious consumption.

The brief was to position Doconomy with limited resources in a crowded fintech environment, as a credible and unique agent for change.

The objectives was to make Doconomy perceived as a helpful solution, resulting in awareness, user adoption and productive partnerships.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

“DO Black – the carbon emission limit credit card” is a radical new tool and innovative solution addressing the climate crisis. It’s the first card with a CO2-emission limit, stopping you from overspending, not based on available funds but on the impact caused by your consumption.

The innovation combines three functions. The ability to measure the impact of every transaction (Åland Index), the set CO2-emission limit calculated per country/capita, and the payment system integration of CO2-emission limit overriding the accounts financial credit level.

The technology blocks transactions exceeding the CO2 limit, disables the credit card and notifies the cardholder.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Data from our pilot market identified several opportunities. 98% of Swedes believe to be impacted by climate change, and 78% want to mitigate this on personal level. 70% say habits are an obstacle. 65% would switch to a climate smart bank.
For relevance we verified data driven insights in workshops with WWF, H&M, Ålandsbanken and Stockholm School of Economics to identify challenges, cultural frame and audience (young women 20-35) opportunities. There’s a definite emotional driver in consumption connected to climate change, but there’s a lack of concrete solutions and tangible data driven tools that engage and activate consumers daily.

The strategy to reach the target audience was to develop a tool that enabled them to drive change and support the targets in the Paris Agreement. With a collaborative approach we engaged both ends of the scale, United Nations as well as Mastercard in developing DO Black.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Implementation in Sweden, pilot market, according to timeline.
2018, March, tech pre-study with Ålandsbanken
2018, June, Tech dev of first platform
2018, September, negotiations with UN
2018, October, launch of Doconomy platform
2019, February, MOU from UN
2019, March, Approval from Mastercard
2019, March, Tech dev IRL CO2 limit
2019, April, Production start with Gemalto
2019, April, Launch of DO Black
2019, October, credit cards in the market
Placement for all communication has been our own channels or earned media reach.
The CO2-limit innovation is scalable and adaptable to different markets, relevant all credit card and payment solutions. The CO2-limit, although mandatory on DO Black, can be offered as an optional function on existing accounts. Over 40 banks worldwide and credit card companies have reached out to discuss collaboration

List the results (30% of vote)

Intention to make Doconomy perceived as a (1) helpful solution, (2) resulting in awareness, (3) user adoption and (4) productive partnerships.
1. “DO Black” is in production with CO2-limit per country/capita calculated.
2. Awareness built with earned media reach of +20.000.000 and keynotes at sustainability/fintech summits worldwide.
3. All initial targets have been exceeded, with 4 000 user registrations in Sweden alone.
4. +40 banks worldwide and credit card companies have reached out to discuss collaboration. Ms. Espinosa, UNFCCC has a publicly endorsed Doconomy and Mastercard has defined Doconomy as “the future of sustainable payments”.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Grand Prix Creative eCommerce
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Silver Creative eCommerce
Challenger Brand
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