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It takes a real man

Industry: Beauty & Health
Media:TV & Cinema
Published:Jun. 1, 2019
Style: Minimalism
A study has revealed that “75% of Spanish men do not identify with the traditional male stereotype”.
8/10 Spanish men have been hearing about what makes a “Real Man” throughout their lives, but only one in four identifies with these expectations. What does it mean to be a “real man”? How is a real man supposed to behave? These and other questions are the starting point for “"It takes a real man””, a study sponsored by Gillette that explores the meaning of masculinity and how it is evolving in Spain. The study reveals that 75% of men do not identify with traditional masculine stereotypes and intend to bring up their children based on a more progressive, positive concept.
Idea The solution devised to meet the brief, including any insights that drove strategy, 100-300 words
This analysis of Spanish men prompted Gillette to develop a new line of communication that extolled the positive values of masculinity and rejected the negative ones. The result was the "It takes a real man” campaign (, based on the Spanish male stereotype. (there are English subtitles in the youtube settings option)

The new campaign features six Spanish celebrities, men who, although famous, also have marvellous stories to tell to inspire young generations with values like integrity, hard work, honesty and respect. Actors Paco León and Jesús Vidal; singer Dani Martín; athletes David Silva and Pau Ribes and photographer and Drag Queen Rubén Errebeene encourage men to bring out the best versions of themselves to become an example and inspiration for future generations.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Other credit:Creative writters José Cope, Albert Alcacer, Fernando Esteban
Video coordinator: Elías Maldonado
Technology Dire: Víctor Madueño.
Client Services Director: Marta Yllera
Acount Executives: Claudia Sanz & Esla de Murga
Content Manager: María Martínez
Comunication Director: Laura Carrillo
Executive producer: Meghan Shaw
Photography Director: Octavio Arias
Image Editor: David López
Postproduction coordinator: José David Alonso
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