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Live the DVD experience

Industry: Automotive & Services
Media:Ambient & Interactive
Market:United Arab Emirates
Style: Minimalism
• The Pathfinder was the 1st in our region to introduce a backseat DVD feature amongst its segment
• Our challenge was to highlight this option to our core TA, young local and Arab expat families in Saudi Arabia
• We developed a strategy under the concept “Live the DVD experience as if you’re in the car”


Creative Execution:
• We simulated the DVD experience during the “premier” TV airing of blockbuster Arabic movies
• As the ad break approaches – the screen zooms out of the movie into the DVD screen at the backseat of a Pathfinder
• Similarly as the ad break finishes – the screen zooms into the movie out of the same DVD screen.
• This happened throughout all the ad breaks of the movie

Target Audience:
• As a platform - we sponsored the “premier” movie for 6 weeks on Rotana Cinema – the most highly viewed Arabic movies channel in Saudi Arabia
• In a country were Cinema is not allowed – movies that were aired for the 1st time on TV were the most highly anticipated by young families
• To maximize impact – the idea was applied during the movie promos which aired 5 times everyday.


• Test Drives increased by 30% for the first 10 days vs. same time last year
• DVD option awareness within the test drivers increased from 15% to 70%
• Source: Nissan Middle East
Mena Cristal Festival 2009
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