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Fly On The Living Room Wall

Industry: House, Garden & Pets
Market:South Africa
Style: Minimalism

FLY 1:All right, Paul, it’s day five hundred and thirty nine of Becky’s-not-over-Brad marathon.FLY 2:We’re here; live on a frankly delicious bolognaise stain, on the living room wall. FLY 1:I love what she hasn’t done with her hair, you know. FLY 2:Stunning. Works so well with that dirty, oversized ex-boyfriend sweater. FLY 1:And look like we’ll kick things off with a hit of the old cheese in a can. I mean if that isn’t perfectly timed, cheesy, aerosol magnificence, I don’t know what is.(SFX: Squirting aerosol can)FLY 2:Me neither, Ken. Now, look at this focus, this commitment to season 3 of Obese Brides. FLY 1:That’s fat. Six hours and counting – unwavering. Another hit of the cheese. And she’ll break now for some social media stalking. (SFX: Squirting aerosol can. Texting sound)FLY 2:Swiping through the ex’s photos like a wild cat in a litter box. FLY 1:Angry. She’s already zooming in on a pic of the ex snogging a random. (SFX: Girl crying)FLY 2:Observe the bottom lip quiver, the face crumple. Nice. There is a bubble in that left nostril. That is moist.FLY 1:This is big. Hold it. Yes, this seems to be an eight point seven on the ugly cry scale.FLY 2:What a moment. You know what, I think this calls for some annoying face buzzing, Ken.(SFX: fly buzzing)FLY 1:Agreed. Right behind you, Paul. Right behind you. ANN:Flies see too much. Kill them …(SFX:Doom Spray)ANN:…with fast. Deadly. Doom.

A young woman wallows on her couch. She’s still deep in self-pity several months after being dumped. But that’s ok; no one can see her. Or so she thinks. Unknown to her, a pair of flies are watching her cry, snack and binge watch her way through depression. And these flies are very obliging in giving a painfully honest commentary of every embarrassing thing she does. These flies have seen too much. They need to be killed with fast, deadly Doom Insecticide.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Art Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: TBWA\HUNT\LASCARIS, Johannesburg, South Africa
Agency Producer, Kim Hunt, TBWA \ Hunt Lascaris
Business Unit Director, Debbie Pienaar, TBWA \ Hunt Lascaris
Sound Engineer, Lorens Persson, Sterling Sound
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