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Autonomous Broadcast Network

Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Media:Design & Branding
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism

The appetite for real time data and professional quality video has exploded. Unfortunately there has not been a cost efficient solution, until now. Keemotion and ShotTracker teamed up for an industry first, producing 31 games over six days with no human interaction.ShotTracker®, the provider of automatic real-time statistical data for basketball teams, and Keemotion®, the leader in automated video production, came together to power the 80th National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Division I Men’s National Championship Basketball Tournament, serving automatic real-time analytics and high definition video to coaches, players and fans alike.

The founders of both companies have extensive experience working and playing in the professional and amateur levels of basketball. They saw firsthand how impactful real-time information was in helping players realize their potential. This project was driven by the belief that all players, not just those in the professional ranks, can and should benefit from the advantages that real time analytics and video provide. The NAIA is an association of colleges and universities that compete against each other in sports, much like the NCAA. It’s comprised of 248 schools with over 263K student athletes and prides itself on being an organization of “firsts”. It was the first to provide championships for both men and women and the first tournament to host African American student-athletes. As such, the NAIA was eager to partner with us to create another basketball “first” and differentiate their tournament. NAIA teams have limited resources, so the affordability and automated aspects of the technology are key for longer term adoption at the team level.Additionally, the NAIA tournament is known as the toughest championship in college basketball. The winning team must win 5 games over just 6 games, so it was a great test for the technology. It was a chance to showcase the robustness of the solution and kick-start sales.

The combination of these technologies has the capability to change the way analytics and video are used by coaches, players, fans and broadcast media. Prior to these automated systems, capturing player statistical data on a broad scale was impractical. If done manually, it was insufficient, costly and slow. This information is most valuable as it happens so that coaches can adjust their practice plans or game strategy in real-time. ShotTracker and Keemotion are both very scalable solutions. The combination can be installed in a tournament or school facility in days, and is affordable enough for teams and tournaments at every level of play. With this tech, high school teams can get the advanced analytics currently afforded to only NBA teams. They’ll have fast access to video that can be used in coaching, and also by fans and parents wanting to watch games remotely.

The insight behind the combination of these technologies is that real time data and video enable rapid improvement of team performance. For teams at the highest level, real time feedback is a competitive advantage. At lower levels, (mid major conferences, high schools, travel teams) the cost to produce this amount of data and video is cost prohibitive. At the same time these technologies serve the fans with professional quality content and rich data to tell the unique story of each game. The powerful combination of Keemotion and ShotTracker levels the playing field for both teams and fans with a cost effective solution. The technologies will eventually be used in every sport.

In terms of real-time player analytics, ShotTracker TEAM automatically tracks player and ball movement to deliver real-time basketball statistics. Each player wears a small sensor on their shoe and uses the technology-enabled Spalding ShotTracker basketball. Sensors are placed in the rafters above the court and communicate via Ultra Wide Band technology. The player and ball is tracked in a 3 dimensional space within 2-5 cm providing players, coaches, teams and fans with real-time statistical data and analytics including the population of a box score all in real time. Keemotion’s automated video production platform utilizes unmanned cameras to seamlessly film, produce and live stream content in 1080p HD. Its digital ecosystem allows end users to use video for: 1) live streaming and broadcast, 2) coaching applications, 3) referee instant replay and 4) social media engagement. FOX Sports used Keemotion’s video feed to live stream 30 of the games on their digital platform, Fox Sports GO. Both technologies are commercially available now for schools and facilities.
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: R/GA, New York, USA
Additional Company: FOX NETWORKS, Los Angeles, USA
Additional Company: INTEL, Santa Clara, USA
Additional Company: NAIA, Kansas City, USA
Managing Director, Marketing Innovation, Dan Kashman, R/GA
Executive Management, R/GA Ventures, Stephen Plumlee, Jonathan Bradley, Scott Dudleson, Dylan Boyd, R/GA
Executive Management, Tucker Kain, Cole Van Nice, Royce Cohen, LA Dodgers
Production, Nicolas Olivieri, Liz David, Brenna Vickrey, Annie Hough, Mary Alberque, Gabriella Serrato, R/GA
Strategy, Sarah Murphy, R/GA
Social Strategy, Kyle Bunch, R/GA
Creative Lead, Kalle Hellzen, Paul Torres, R/GA
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Davyeon Ross, Bruce Ianni, ShotTracker
Chief Technology Officer, Clint Kahler, ShotTracker
Chief Marketing Officer, Lori Gery, ShotTracker
Product/Engineering, James Flexman, John Glenn, Hall Hoffman, Michael Maziarz, Tom Keeley, Anderson Homer, ShotTracker
Chief Executive Officer, Milton Lee, Keemotion
Chief Operating Officer, Alexandre Bustamante, Keemotion
Chief Technology Officer, Damien Delannay, Keemotion
Product/Engineering, Damien Leroy, Gabriel Van Zandycke, Cedric Verleysen, Pascaline Parisot, Vicente Fernandez, Keemotion
Design/Marketing, Colin Cunningham, Alexis Elder, Keemotion
Management, Clarke Pierce, Peter Murphy, Devin Poolman, Will Aycock, Fox
Management, Rich Green, Nadia Banks, John Vincent, Intel
Management, Marc Boerigter, Michael Brooks, Jim Carr, Lori Thomas, NAIA
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